How to Prevent obesity

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Most of us there who are obese. So how to Prevent obesity? Before I discuss more about how to prevent obesity, I discuss first what is meant by obesity.

What is obesity

Do you know what is meant by obesity itself. Obesity is excess, that excess amount of fat that accumulate in our bodies and make us become very fat.

There are ways to keep your body in order not to be obese. Many ways to do right now to Prevent obesity. Before obese have been many people who do care so as not to have a fat body. For example, with liposuction, surgery, diet, and many other ways that are used to deal with these fats.

How to prevent obesity

Here I tell you how to Prevent obesity:

First you have to do with creating a healthy lifestyle patterns. And also apply it to your children until they become accustomed to it. Many healthy lifestyle patterns which are meant here. You should start eating, exercise, relax or rest time you, and many others.

Second, how to Prevent obesity should be able to choose foods that are healthy and nutritious to eat. You must make vegetables and fruits be your main menu. It is good for your health and your child. Also, do not provide a lot of snacks in your refrigerator. Because this will provoke you continue to keep eating.

So in my opinion, you better buy lots of fruits and make fruit into your snack. The fruit would make a great snack and very very fresh to eat. Eating fruits and vegetables can control the food you eat. This fruit and vegetables you eat fiber and makes you become durable to withstand hunger and feel full with a long time.

In addition, how to Prevent obesity you should also do a lot of sports. Do exercise regularly. Exercising together a lot of fun so you can exercise with your family or even your friends.

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