Obesity treatment Hamburg - Germany

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You have problems of obesity and wants treatment to hamburg - germany ? if yes then there are several choices clinics and hospitals, among them are the Premier Healthcare germany (website: http://www.premier-healthcare.eu/obesity.html).

In this place to serve international patients with various complaints of disease, including obesity problem complaints. Handling the problem of obesity include counseling to selection for surgery.

Phases of a surgical procedures

Before selecting a center for surgery, you should be aware of the following phases of a surgical procedures:

- Pre-admission psychological counseling
- Admission to the hospital
- Pre-operative examination
- Surgery
- Recovery (2-8 days depending on the procedure)
- Rehabilitation
- Follow-up

Interesting ? International patients can obtain a personalized quote or arrange for an appointment here.

Your medical trip

Your medical trip will be broken down into 10 individual steps each of which Premier Healthcare will assist and guide you through, so you have the confidence that nothing is missed.

- Review of your medical case and travel requirements
- Preparation of a trip plan and quote
- Preparation for travel
- Travel
- Admission to the hospital
- Pre-operative examination
- Surgery
- Recovery (5-8 days)
- Return home (after a minimum of 8 days or once surgeon certifies a fit to fly)
- Follow up at home by bariatric specialist

For more information about the treatment of obesity in hamburg, germany please visit : http://www.premier-healthcare.eu/obesity.html

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