Exercises to lose weight fast

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Exercise is very healthy for the body. However, exercise can also lose weight. Many of those sports are used to lose weight. Sport is very good whole organs such as heart health and burn fat in body. Only exercise in 45 minutes was able to burn fat.

Exercise to lose weight also did not haphazardly choose. However, must comply with sporting activities that we really need. So it can quickly burn fat in the body. Here's a quick exercise to lose weight, namely:

Exercise to lose weight : Aerobic gymnastics

Did you know kind of sport is also effective for losing weight. This sport is also able to burn fat in the body and also formed thighs and hips are pretty and beautiful to look at. If you can do aerobic exercises correctly for an hour then you can burn about 357 calories.

Exercise to lose weight : run

The man who ran eight minutes per mile for one hour can burn approximately 893 calories calories. However, not everyone is suited to this sport. Especially for those who have problems with vigorous exercise such as this and there is respiratory distress.

Exercise to lose weight : bicycle

 If you are cycling 15-18 miles an hour can burn as many calories 560-850 calories. Cycling is an attractive sport to do so almost every people could do it. We can do it on Sunday with family together. This exercise is interest to do. So you feel happy when you and your family do bicycling together.

Exercise to lose weight : swim

Swimming is also an appropriate and effective exercise to do. Exercise of this type can also burn calories and only a small possibility of causing injury to a hinge. Exercise to lose weight is indeed suitable for all the muscles they move when swimming. Depending on the style of swimming speed and calories one can burn about 497-523 calories.

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