Pepino fruit to lose weight

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Pepino fruit to lose weight. In fact, strawberry and apple fruit is very popular in general. However, there is a fruit that is similar to melon, known as the pepino. Pepino has a taste like cucumbers, cantaloupes, tomatoes, and eggplant round. To that end, the fruit is said to have a sense of uncertainty. It was not sour nor sweet. Pepino fruit contains vitamin C, minerals, simple sugars, iron, and potassium.

About pepino fruit

Pepino fruit has a familiar taste with the tongue of Java. Pepino fruit flavors are so fresh when eaten. Pepino fruit taste dominates the melon.

The seeds used to plant seeds that can be taken from there to the fruit. You can also pick a tree trunk and made as a drug. For example to diabetes, abut the kidneys, heart, and stroke.

Benefits of pepino fruits

In addition, pepino can also reduce levels of fat in the body. This is because the pepino contain lots of fiber that helps you lose weight. Pepino also only contains simple sugars which do not cause you to become obese when eating it.

Pepino fruit to lose weight, because this fruit contains a lot of acids, beta carotene, vitamin C, protein, starch and fiber needed by the body in the diet. Pepino low levels of natural fats contain about 95% because it contains water or fiber. 100 grams of pepino fruit contains 25.1 mg of vitamin C, 0.6 mg of protein, 26.6 mg of beta carotene, and 79.3 mg of acid.

To lose weight by pepino fruit. You can eat 2 seeds pepino fruit each day. The result you can lose weight 4 kg.

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