What is detox diet

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Are you all already know what is detox diet? Detox diet is a diet that works to eliminate toxins that exist in the body. This is known as detoxification. Many ways to do this detox diet is starting to eat rice and fast circuitry coupled also with green vegetables, fruit, and water. Detox diet can only be done on a short time is approximately 7-10 days.

Benefits of detox diet

The benefits of this detox diet is that it can make us become more energetic and can decrease our body directly. This is because the detox diet can indeed make the body release toxins through the bowel or small.

Effects of detox diet

However, if you want to do this detox diet then you should consult your doctor if this diet can correspond with us or not. Do you know this detox diet has side effects on us, so consult your doctor is important to do.

The following side effects are:

a. dehydration
b. fatigue
c. dizziness
d. nausea

Here I will give you a way how to do this detox diet. You must have known that the kidneys and heart are functioning as detoxification. However, you can help by reducing the foods that contain chemicals. You also must be diligent to drink water 7-8 glasses per day. Do not forget to eat fruit and vegetables and exercise regularly to help you do a detoxification.

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