How to shrink the stomach after childbirth

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Women who after giving birth would have on her body shape changes. Usually the chest, abdomen, hips will be even greater if a woman is pregnant until delivery. Actually it's very reasonable. But, after giving birth to attempt to shrink the stomach to slim back to normal. So that makes the display to be interesting. There are several ways shrink the stomach after giving birth.

The habit of woman after childbirth

Usually women after childbirth diligently taking herbs. For example spices can be blended natural ingredients for itself in addressing the abdomen or uterus that has been loosened. This is done in order to be tight as before giving birth.

How to shrink stomach

If you are diligent in taking spices, tightening of the uterus and prevent infection in the womb. To this mixture only mix with 3 tablespoons of rice, ginger cut into, little turmeric, brown sugar 125 g, and 1 tablespoon sour, salt, lemon, and a bit of pandanus leaves.

You must first rice drying for 3 hours. Sugar, turmeric, tamarind, ginger and pandanus leaves can be boiled in 3 cups of water after it is filtered. Powder, ginger and turmeric that has been boiled with the rice milled. After everything is smooth mix boiled water little by little in the spice mill. Then strain moved at a clean cloth and squeeze it with lime and salt to taste sprinkle. You can add sugar if you feel less sweet.

After that shrink the stomach concoction way after delivery ready to drink. You should diligently and regularly to drink this potion to get the results maximal. Concoction own potions that you are safer than swearing that shrink the stomach products containing chemicals that harm the body. If you often experience excessive urination and laughed as heartily to get out of urine, it means that your uterus is declining. This is usually caused by weakening of the muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus. You can overcome them by doing calisthenics. With the vaginal muscles tense up and since e in until you stop the flow of urine. Hold your position until the count of six. Then, let the urine flow, but keep counting until the count of six as well. Last stand until count of six before the urine until the bladder is empty. You can balancing with exercise. Good luck!

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