Effect of obesity

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Before I discuss in details the effect of obesity. First of all I want explain is obesity. Obesity is someone who is overweight and has a greater weight than someone who is overweight usual.

Overcome obesity

So before you are obese you take reasonable precautions for this. There are so many who can make you obese. So to overcome them you need to change your lifestyle with a healthy lifestyle and regular.

The pattern of lifestyle is what I mean here is the diet, rest, exercise, and your activities. You should be able to set everything to be organized so that you can be disciplined in doing so.

How to avoid effects of obesity

Here I tell you to create a healthy lifestyle patterns that are not exposed to effects of obesity. You must eat nutritious food which is good for your health. Make vegetables and fruit your main menu. Fruits and vegetables are good for you as it can accelerate your metabolism, thus preventing you to be obese.

Both of you should exercise regularly so as not to result in the effect of obesity. You can do sports with together family, friends, or anyone who can make you a good sport. This exercise will burn fat you have buried.

And many more ways to create a healthy lifestyle patterns. Here I will know the effect of obesity give:

1. Suffered from hypertension
2. Prone to heart disease
3. Susceptible to the disease diabetes.

That's the effect of obesity is very dangerous. So what else to wait, let's make our lifestyle patterns to be healthy and avoid obesity.

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