Meet dose of fruit and vegetables

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In everyday life we should be able to fill the measure of fruit and vegetables. This is done to prevent obesity. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber are difficult to digest and does not cause fat accumulation. It also inhibits the speed of sugar in the blood.

Meet dose with fruit and vegetables

Meet the dose of fruit and vegetables by eating good nutritious foods to lose weight. Eating fruits and vegetables are good for weight loss. While you're dieting you need foods that contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

How to meet dose with fruit and vegetables

Here's how to fill the measure of fruit and vegetables to lose weight:

1. Smooth fruit and vegetables

You can soften the fruit and vegetables using a blender directly and practically. You only spend about 10 minutes to an smoothing fruit vegetables. The way to lose weight with fruits and vegetables. You do this by setting up 2 kiwi, 2 bananas, a handful of grapes, handful of strawberries, apple juice and 250 ml. A good time to consume the time of the morning or after exercise to prevent excessive eating and lead to an infinite accumulation of fat.

2. Used as a snack

You can replace lunch with healthy foods. You can try in a state of raw carrots, celery and other vegetables are good for losing weight healthily and naturally. Do not eat that much sugar, because it can lead to excess fat accumulation.

3. Add fruit to breakfast

If you want to lose weight quickly is by eating fruits in the morning, noon and night to prevent overeating. Because fiber they contain fruit makes us early satiety and durable to suppress hunger. You can eat other fruits and to add taste, you can add to yogurt.

4. Double dose

When you want to eat, you can add vegetables to a plate. You do this by eating vegetables and fruit into large meals with rice and meat is reduced. If you can low-calorie foods so you can easily lose weight.

5. Fruits and vegetables frozen or canned

Meet the dose of fruit and vegetables with fruits and vegetables, frozen and canned. But, canned vegetables and fruit is actually not equivalent to fresh fruit and vegetables. So that better you eat fresh fruits and vegetables than frozen, even though you are still allowed to consume them. You can eat canned sweet corn are baked for 2 minutes and frozen vegetables are steamed quickly.

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