Yoghurt for weight loss

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Yoghurt for weight loss. In order not to waste your efforts to lose weight, add the yogurt in the daily menu. Not only good for digestion but these drinks also have a slimming effect.

In a study in the United States to 120,877 women and men, find what factors that make the body into fat and eating what I can lose weight.

The team of researchers from Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health that found that increased consumption of potatoes, sugary drinks, processed meats, red meat, Trans fat, sweet desserts, as well as milled grain will increase weight .

Meanwhile, increasing consumption of yogurt, fruit, nuts, vegetables, and whole cereals associated with weight loss.

Yoghurt for weight loss in which the researchers suspect this fiber-rich food will help people who are dieting to restrain their food intake.

Consumption of flour and milled rice may not filling so that the body will continue to send signals of hunger, said Dr.Dariush Mozaffarian, one of the researchers.

Yogurt, although it does not contain fiber, but has the effect of weight loss compared with other dairy products. Experts say the privilege of yogurt is caused because the content of the good bacteria that keep the body's health.

Another factor that makes people who ate yogurt in this study may be slim because they have the lifestyle changes that are not measured in the study.

Keep in mind also that the effects of dietary adjustments also different in each person, depending on exercise, sleep patterns, the duration of watching television, smoking, and alcohol consumption.

That's about yoghurt for weight loss.

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