Losing weight is not a trend

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Honestly, losing weight is not a trend now. Once you weigh and calculate your weight was a few pounds more than ideal weight, what do you do? Panic? Plus your favorite jeans do not fit anymore? Are you tempted by a variety of slimming products are sold? For example, replacement smoothies daily diet, slimming corset, cream and other fat burners. If so and you could try it, if it works?

Often Fail Why?

Being slim and can wear any outfit is tempting for every woman. If possible, your body is reduced when wearing clothes that fit the size of S, not the clothes that enlarged to be enough for your body. You (and millions of other women) would be tempted to buy a variety of slimming products in any form. Or, if there are artists who perform X Y diet and getting slim, you also must be fascinated and intend to try the diet Y. You are taking slimming drugs, tried different diets and ways of other instant (let's face it that most women prefer instant results), but always failed and failed again. Why?

Because you still think that losing weight to the ideal number was limited to lean women lust want to perform another. Few who inculcate the idea that losing weight to the ideal number is part of a healthy lifestyle. So as much as any article you read about weight loss and the dangers of obesity, it still will not make your weight loss program successfully. Even if successful, you will soon return to being overweight (even heavier than before). Admit it, no shame, because it is not you alone who experience it.

As long as you do not realize you thought that the ideal weight you are part of a healthy lifestyle, then you will be hard to gain weight than those who have come to realize that ideal weight is part of their daily lives. Then how do you start to incorporate this routine becomes part of your daily life?

Diet Eat Vegetables and Not Just Hungry

Yup, get rid of the diet of your thinking. What is the diet? The majority will answer, only eat vegetables, fruit, yogurt and drinking mineral water. Reducing the portion size of the meal like a baby. Some others consider hunger diet is to make yourself so the weight will come down by itself. This is a totally wrong view about the diet. As already written above, your weight will go down after you eat only vegetables, fruits and other diet for several weeks. But when you put more of your favorite foods like French fries or rice Padang, then your body will ask for allotment of calories as before.

I will not eat high-calorie foods so weight your body will rebel down. But, after weeks of eating only fruits, vegetables and a slice of whole-grain crackers. Usually women will experience these dark days, trying to spoil the tongue and just realized after spending a large bag of potato chips and some chocolate-covered donut seeds are delicious. If you have this, then the BOM ... your body will return to that terrible figure due to the wrong diet. If only briefly and then back again to the initial weight, is not part of a healthy lifestyle.

None Instant

Want to lose weight you reach the ideal number? No more excuses lazy and just rely on instant products. Instant product that works quickly will only produce instant results. If you want permanent results, then the instant it left off in various ways. Begin to adjust your diet, visit a nutritionist to the menu that you eat right and do not starve themselves on the pretext of origin want to trim, because you might malnutrition. No need to fear only eat vegetables and fruit, as a nutritionist will balance your menu. You can still eat bread, cheese, meat and so on with the pattern of regular and healthy.

If you've got a healthy menu, your body will begin to familiarize yourself with the menu. Then? Grab your sneakers and move your body. There is no other way to maintain ideal body weight in addition to sports and fitness to practice a lot. There is no reason that the gym is expensive, you can jog / brisk walk around your residence. No need to push yourself as far as 8 km jogging in a day, all you have to get used to is regular exercise. Day 30 - 45 minutes is enough to make your body burn more calories and healthy. That in the opinion of losing weight is not a trend now.

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