Look slim in choosing clothes

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Look slim in choosing clothes. I've done how to keep the body in order to appear more slender aka diet. Strange is not it? Diet is more synonymous with women who had one thought in his mind how to streamline the body by reducing meal portions and to sporting activities every day.

Most people do not know how to choose clothes to fit and more slender body shape when viewed. Well ... tricky affair tablets for this one. For that I want to give tips on how to choose clothes let me look slim and hopefully these tips to make you slimmer without working hard to drudge for a diet.

Look slim in choosing clothes which was started by learning the tips of your body shape. Where a prominent part of which is the center of attention from problem areas in your body so you look more Lansing. For example, avoid belts that are too big and bulky if your waist is too big. Or if you are the woman has great legs and sexy, wear knee-length skirt with a simple shirt or tight shirts so that attention can be focused more on your feet.

For those who have a great body at the top, always avoid shiny fabrics in the area above. You should use a darker color. Wear tops with large sleeves or loose tops that will fall down to cover the hips and waist. You can use materials such as cotton. One way to look slim is to use one type of color clothes. This will help you thin down the overall silhouette.

For matters of pants you can also make you look slim. Your pants should be long enough to cover half your heel. If you are not very long legs, then wear pants boot cut or straight leg that can elongate your legs. Avoid pieces of crop pants. Make sure the pants are falling right and not too tight. Extra fabric at the bottom of pants will make it appear thicker and lose their shape. Long pants can give the illusion of a longer body, and also makes you look slim.

Colors help you in many ways to look slim. The black color is the most chosen to deal with a rather large body. But does not mean you should always wear black clothes and did not dare to wear colored clothes. You can wear colored clothing but as a decoration that can be used to accentuate your assets. Large patterns are also likely to add greatly to your body. So look for a simple design to make the body appear more slender.

If your hips are large, choose a dress with a little extra pad on the shoulder. Shoulders with a large pad will make you look very big, but you should avoid it. Wear tops lighter on the belly and dark stockings. Choose a pattern that falls down on your knees. This will disguise the hip area. So if you want to wear a dress, then choose that over the heel. A pattern select fixed line and avoid cuts or pieces umbrella pinafore.

Always select the material with vertical stripes. This is one of the best ways to look slim. The use of vertical lines also make the body look longer and slimmer. Horizontal lines will add to the width of the body, so avoid their use.

Wear loose clothing at all times is not the correct way to look slim. Instead, choose clothing that falls right in the body. Avoid using the clothing with a small size, ie smaller than their regular size. It just makes you look silly.

Wearing bangle bracelets and clock models sometimes make your arms look smaller. Avoid shiny fabrics of many colors. This will reflect light and make you look bigger.

What about the tips above? Whether there is a need to add? For people who were involved in the fashion world can contribute to provide an opinion on this issue. Because few people know about this problem. Well ... good luck in making friends look slim in choosing clothes!

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