Lose fat with water

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Lose fat with water - Many of the myths about food and beverages are growing in the community for a long time. Though not necessarily verified, or possibly the addition of too much material in it. Is this correct? Uh, do not eat chocolate later mostly fat! or Drink lots of water weight later also fell, two of the phrases we hear so often. Many of the myths that developed in the community about food, but not necessarily the truth. Here are some foods that have been proven wrong many people interpreted.

Causes of Acne Fries

Lose fat with water which when we were eating French fries are a lot of saturated fat in it. Avoiding fried potatoes or fried tempeh for fear spotty? The main problem is not on the fries, but the oil used for frying. Too much to eat fried foods or the use of vegetable oil will trigger acne. Be sure to clean your hands before touching the face of oil, because oil remaining attached to the skin can also cause acne.

Brighten Vision Carrots

Many believe, by consuming large quantities of carrots make your eyes back to normal minus. Whereas in fact not the case. Carrots are rich in vitamin A which is very good for eye health as a drug but that does not mean eliminating the minuses. Eating carrots regularly, will make the eyes (normal) is always in good health and eyesight is not impaired.

Myth Dinner

Dinner is sometimes attributed as a cause of obesity. Although a little right, but not the main cause. Consuming excess calories during the day can be a cause of weight gain. Be sure to eat two hours before bedtime, and immediately brush your teeth so that the desire to eat damped. Do not store anything in the fridge except snack fruits that contain fiber.

Sugar Cause Diabetes

Diabetes is not merely caused by sugar, but sugar can add weight. Sugar has a role to increase the weight at risk for type 2 diabetes. Eating too many carbohydrates can cause diabetes, because glucose levels are also high in carbohydrates. Enough to balance the consumption of fiber from vegetables and fruits, and try to consume as little sugar as possible in a day.

Drinking Water Lose Fat

Many who think that drinking lots of water will fade the fat in the body, but they are not. Drink lots of water every day will make eating less and avoid dehydration. Drinking two glasses of water a half hour before meals, will make eating less. Therefore, used to drink enough water every day is an activity that should be habitual. However, do not drink any water. Choose water really clean and well secured to health. Hydro offers a ready to drink water that has no doubt its quality. With the reject, the system is capable of producing pure water free of bacteria and heavy metals. Try it and see the freshness of clean water and healthy with Hydro Reverse Osmosis water to get healthy and are also useful and quality to lose fat with water!