Success diet solution

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Success diet solution - Surely there is something wrong if weight loss efforts that you do not also bring results. Such errors would be caused by various things. In fact, in reality, only 1% that has been dieting correctly. The rest? Guess for yourself!

Here are some reasons why your efforts to lose weight never succeed. Consider also the solution.

1. Excessive consumption of fat

Success does not consume a diet solution with excess fat. Indeed, fat-containing foods taste better. No wonder if it is hard to limit fat intake to 30% of the total fat is needed every day. Most people consume fat in accordance with the needs of your body every day, even more. In fact, studies have shown that the more fat consumed, the less you absorb other nutrients. consequently, you overeat. The weight you had to be increased.


In general, the less you process the food, the lower the fat content in the body. Eat a baked potato instead of French fries or potato chips, for example. Or is it better to eat whole grain bread instead of croissants. If you like to eat a salad, use mayonnaise or salad dressings are low fat. Or if you are a fan not too many mixed vegetables with peanut sauce. Limit consumption of sugary foods rich in fat once a week. Read labels on foods carefully. And when you buy canned food, choose a fat content not more than 3 grams per 100 calories.

2. Never or rarely breakfast

Success diet solution with breakfast. You avoid breakfast because of fear of fat or want to lose weight? If yes, then you are wrong strategy. Breakfast can actually lose weight. The reason, with breakfast, you will not steal eat when dieting. Moreover, skipping breakfast is tantamount to making the body starve. Consequently, during lunch or afternoon greater your appetite. It would be even worse if you consume foods high in fat. Besides making your scale is reduced, with breakfast, you can be more concentration when work.


Get used to breakfast. Working with an empty stomach will make it difficult to concentrate. However, avoid foods with a sweet tooth. This type of food can make you feel full, but also can make you drowsy. To control your appetite, choose a balanced breakfast with carbohydrate composition. While the fiber-rich foods, like vegetables, fruits, and cereals, can stabilize blood sugar, so you feel full.

3. It was never recorded

Success diet solution by noting that the food we always eat. Most people did not consider that an important effort to keep track of the foods they eat and when they eat. Both the amount of healthy foods, like vegetables and fruits, and far from healthy predicates.


Keep a diet diary, which is a record of your food intake daily. With a diet diary, you'll be more careful every time you want to enter a food into your mouth. You see, you have to be written in your notes. The diary will also help you know the situations that trigger you to overeat and lead you to distinguish between conscious and eating meals with lust.

4. Lack of fiber

Compared to eat fruits and vegetables, you might prefer to consume cakes, pastries, and donuts were added fat, sugar, salt, and possibly additives. In fact, these foods derived from wheat flour is one of the largest sources of saturated fats in your diet.


You can replace white bread, noodles, or cake with wheat bread, cereal, or pasta. In order to taste more delicious. You can mix the cereal with fresh fruit or whole wheat bread with sliced chicken breast meat and vegetables. If you like snacking, try to replace sweet snacks with fresh fruits.

5. Sugar addiction

Almost everybody loves the sugar because it tastes sweet. That is why sugar was never absent from the dinner table or kitchen every household in Indonesia. Sweet taste is an important parameter that affects the level of consumer preference towards a product. No bans, healthy foods such as yogurt and oatmeal various taste it also contains a lot of sugar.


Do not get used to eat sweets as a dessert. Make snacks such as special food that exists only on the weekends. Read labels to limit foods that list sugar as one of the main ingredient products. So is the food that contains some kind of sugars, like sucrose or glucose. Reduce consumption of foods that claim to be healthy food that actually contains lots of sugar. Reduce or even, avoid soft drinks. Replace with soft drinks without sugar.

6. Less eating nuts and legumes

Legumes, such as soybeans, lentils, chickpeas, and lentils, is a type of foods that are low fat, filling, rich in fiber, protein, and carbohydrates. Likewise with nuts such as peanuts and cashew nuts. These foods contain many nutrients that are very good for women. But, unfortunately many are just consuming legumes in small quantities.


Add portions of legumes and nuts. Do it gradually, more or less for a week, to allow the body to adjust to changes in the addition of fiber in your diet. If a bit lazy to cook, you can buy ready to eat nuts. Importantly, note the levels of sodium, salt, and ways of processing food. In order not to get bored, you can make a wide variety of foods, for example, salad, soup, pureed green beans.

7. Consumption of calcium

No doubt you already know the importance of consuming foods high in calcium to maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis. Not only that, from a new study conducted found that consuming foods rich in calcium is most likely related to the low incidence of overweight by 70%. Unfortunately, there are many women who consume less calcium foods and beverages. Many are replacing them with a high-fat cheese and precisely, the grounds do not like.


Drink at least two glasses of low fat milk every day. That way, you've saved your bones, as well as get a taste of delicious and adequate nutrition and low calories booster stomach, but, if you do not like (or cannot) drink regular milk, try soy milk fortified by calcium, salmon or, low-fat cheese. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you can choose dairy products, lactose-free. Still not enough? Drinking calcium supplements.

How did you guys already know it's not about dieting success solution. So let's do a successful diet in a natural way for the good of ourselves. So, do the diet solution success, good luck.

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