Body slim because think positive

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Body slim because think positive - If the count is calculated, how many kinds of diet that you do. Of artificial methods of expert friends to recipes from friends (who could be just based on personal experience). You really had the weight down. However, shortly afterwards, came up. How long will I have to suffer like this? Every morning just eat instant soup diet, the night just munching an apple. And the results are not there. I weigh up and down. You might think so. What is wrong? Do you have to find another method better diet or even stop your business altogether?

Formed from a small

Body slim, in fact the key to weight loss is not simply reducing fat or carbohydrate intake or exercise regularly. There is one thing that is often forgotten, but instead plays an important role, namely the mind. In theory, you certainly know that regular exercise reduces the size of the meal is the key to weight loss. However, according to nutritionist Dr. Rosemary Stanton from Australia, is actually not that simple. There are so many bad habits ingrained since you were a child.

You remember when asked to spend the food on your plate. If not, you'll practically mischievous. When the opposite occurs, you will be called smart. The incident in the long run make the children lose the ability to eat only when hungry and stop when the stomach is full.

In addition, there is still a lot of wrong messages obtained by children from parents. For instance, when a child wants to learn to play, parents even put it in a stroller and feeding. Finally, unwittingly, the treatment it becomes a habit. As a result, the opposite can happen. When parents want their children to walk, the child just does not want to and even ask for food. Incidentally, your child gets indoctrination that can be used to overcome the boredom and create calm.

Train your brain

According to Catherine Campbell, a clinical psychologist from Sydney, a vital element in efforts to lose weight is to recognize and compromise with your thoughts, especially about food, diet, and exercise. Our thoughts and habits are indeed has awakened child. However, it does not mean it is difficult to change. Before you start to lose weight, try changing old thinking (mindset) you. Have scales or fixated on diet alone is not enough. You also must have the motivation and optimism. Any awareness that losing and maintaining weight is a challenge.

According to Stanton, still many people who hate him and trying to lose weight, so I could like him. True if can appreciate your body, you certainly will try to keep it better. Of course it must be hard work. Your mind should work a maximum to change ingrained habits. Here are some tricks you can try, so that your efforts to reduce the weight becomes easier.

Learning from past failures

Body slim, fight against obesity must not be easy. In fact, one-one can destroy your soul. Therefore, Campbell suggests, do not blame yourself for the failures that occurred. However, ask where the mistakes and how to keep your mind this time you can run it in a different way.

Patience ...! Everything needed process

Many who want to weigh down quickly. In fact, the fact is not that simple. So, be aware that all necessary process, Stanton said, people do tend to have unrealistic expectations. And if you could lose 1 kg a month, it means that your efforts are good enough. Moreover, instead of dieting in order to lose weight, you better do it so that your diet is healthier and fitter. With a fit body, you will have more energy and feel more comfortable with yourself. Furthermore, weight loss will automatically happen by itself.

Stop thinking about dieting

You have to get out of the idea, "I'll go on a diet. I will achieve ideal body weight. After that, I have to stop dieting. Because, with that way of thinking, you would likely recurrence rate is very high. The combination of realistic expectations, approach to food, and a regular exercise schedule is more likely for you to successfully lose weight in the long run.

Stop eating for the sake of feeling good

Food can cause feelings of comfort. For example, when you're sad, your friend will make a cup of hot tea. This example illustrates that the food is often used to express sympathy and make you happy again. Try to change that habit by doing a trick. Find something else that can make you feel comfortable. For example, soak in warm water, massage, sat watching the sun on the beach, lounging in the park, or just stroking your pet.

Listen to your body

When time is shown at 12 o'clock, it does not mean you have to move right away to lunch. However, you do not also ignore the hunger, if that's what you feel. Ignoring hunger and put off eating it will make you eat out of control later. Better get used to eating in small portions. Thus, you will never feel hungry or sated.
There are no good foods or bad

Try to create a value-free foods. Because, if not can-can all the food you cannot eat, you should sort out the food more wisely. Rather than 'proscribe any type of food that are considered potentially make fat, you better divide it into: type of food you can eat and foods with a certain limit that you can eat at will.

Realistic expectations

Many who thought that if you want to lose weight in quantity, he must spend time to train on a treadmill and can only eat certain foods (that taste awful) for a very long period of time. Thoughts like these that will destroy your motivation, Instead of thinking of great expectations that can trap you, try looking at a small hope that easier and more realistic to achieve. As 1 kg more weight to lose you, instead of 10 kg.

Learn to accept

There are people who can gracefully accept a state of some parts of his body, but felt ashamed to see the rest of him. Example, if your foot size large, you do not feel ashamed to ask for the number of shoes that fit the size of your feet shoe stores, is not it? Another case when you have a large thighs or hips. You will feel that something is wrong with you. Learn to behave as well as on foot to all parts of your body.

That's what I think about the body slim because think positive.

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