Retaining Healthy Food Hungry

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Healthy food retaining hungry - For those who are dieting certainly have concerns become obese when consuming food, but by choosing healthier food choices you can still eat well without any risk of becoming obese. Like what think about eating healthy tips without fear of becoming fat?

When dieting is not recommended to be hungry, even one of the tips for a diet is not a starvation diet. Diet is to keep the stomach remains in a state of hunger. There are foods that have the effect of filling, so when eating these foods our bodies will still feel full longer, thus indirectly our food portions will be reduced and maintained weight.

Healthy foods retaining hungry


Retaining healthy food hungry by eating vegetables are low calorie foods, in addition to vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, spinach has a thermal effect in the body is mean these vegetables may not be stored as fat since calories have been used up in the digestive process. Green vegetables also contain high levels of fiber, fiber serves as anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and minimal amounts of fiber will certainly give a sense of satiety. Green vegetables well suited to use as one of the healthier foods to your diet.


Quotes that exist in apples can reduce your appetite naturally. Apples as a healthy food widely used as a substitute for diet food. In addition, the existing fiber content in apples will surely keep you satisfied in a longer time. Apples are widely recognized as one of the healthier foods to your diet.


Protein has the highest satiety index than other food ingredients and nuts are one good source of vegetable protein. Besides beans also contain high fiber as well. Body to digest beans take longer end result is you will feel full longer when consuming these healthy foods.

Low-fat milk

Healthy food retaining hunger by drinking low-fat milk and dairy products are low in fat such as cheese and yogurt are good calcium source. Study says if we do not get the intake of adequate amounts of calcium in the body releases a hormone compound calcitriol that will lead to fat storage. Milk has been known as healthy food products, choose low-fat milk as a healthy food to your diet.


Fish, nuts as well as a healthy food source of protein. Nuts contain vegetable protein, while fish contain animal protein. Mackerel fish like fish, herring, tuna, salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids, and fatty acids will help lower your cholesterol and also will speed up your metabolism. How to make healthy food with fish, too, determines the quality of healthy eating itself, generally baked or steamed better than in fried or baked. And it is a healthy food retaining hungry.