How Do I Lose Weight

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I share this information with you about how do I lose weight because I was overweight before. Hopefully my experience below is useful for those of you who are overweight.

Experience of overweight

A few months ago, my weight reached 110 kg, and obviously at that time I looked healthy even though I am having the problem of obesity. The conviction of the dangers of obesity, I am trying to lose weight. And within 2 months I managed to lose my weight by 30 kg weight and up until now I stay at 80 kg.

How to lose weight

Here's how do I lose weight :

1. I only eat in the morning and afternoon. My eating habits while at night I stopped.
2. I only eat vegetables and fruit, just one meal without rice.
3. Any food that goes into my mouth chew gum at least 40X.
4. When I feel hungry at night, I ate fruit without the juice.
5. I stopped drinking milk.
6. Special on Saturday night when I gathered with the children and grandchildren, I am free to eat anything, including rice, meat, fish etc..
7. During this diet I exercise every morning at least 15 minutes, because without exercise our body will feel weak.

So how do I lose weight, and anyone carrying out such a diet, and exercise every morning, I am sure will be able to lower the body until the limit of ideal body.


The above information I got from someone named harry who has been fortunate to be able to lose weight just by dieting and exercise.

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