Control eating when emotion

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Control eating when emotion - you actually know very well that a bowl of ice cream will not make your lover back into the arms, and a large packet of cassava chips will not make your deadline disappear. Often it's not a hungry stomach but your emotions are not stable that encourage you to continue to look the fridge or go to the store snacks. Foods that you really want reveal many things about yourself. These foods are showing what's in your head and your heart of course. Food choices are often a mirror that shows exactly what kind of emotion that drives your desire to overeat.

Questions to Help You Overcome It

Control eating when emotion which is in a book called Life is Hard, Food is Easy, there are five simple questions to help you overcome emotional eating problems. With continued practice, you will be able to answer any questions in one or two minutes. These questions can you use to control your emotions without having to run to food din. You can also use these questions one by one as the appropriate strategy to control the desire to eat. Next time you are faced with similar problems, ask these questions again:

1. What happened?

When you do not feel hungry but you want to eat, think for a minute about what affects you or make your dining desires emerge. Identify the most food you want and specify whether you have head or heart hunger hunger.

2. What am I feeling?

Recognize your emotions. Are you a grumpy? Loner? Bored? Try to be very specific in giving a name to what you feel it.

3. What do I need?

Where is the real problem lies in your life? Do you need more rest? Friendship? Time for yourself? Ask yourself, what I want now and how can I get this need? If you are bombarded by some of the needs at a time, try to make sure which one is best to be your priority.

4. What are the obstacles I?

What are the obstacles that prevent you to meet your needs or express emotion? Do you feel so tired, overwhelmed or stressed out? Do you really feel tired thinking about your problems? Try to start looking for a way out rather than run away to eat.

5. What will I do?

What are the goals and ideals you? What can you do to make it happen? Decide on the appropriate measures what you can do to manage your emotional needs of the reach of food!]

How, do you ever experienced anything like the above, when you're experiencing your emotions actually have an increased appetite. Whether this can make you calm down by doing so. So, try to adults. Why? This is because it can harm you, by yourself or do not remember eating too much as it can make your body fat. And you will actually make your problem has become magnified because you have to take care of your body worked with have already become obese. Thus, control eating when emotion.