Stop snacking at night

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Stop snacking at night - Frustration due to a diet program that lived seemed to show results? It could be the cause as a hobby snacking when we should have been asleep.

The researchers said many people who unwittingly meet the needs of daily calories at night. This is of course not true. Therefore, the caloric needs should be met in the morning or afternoon, to be converted into energy to move. So does this mean we should not eat at all during the day have been dark?

Of course not, because according to experts, the desire to chew food at night may be fulfilled. Most importantly we limit the amount of intake of no more than a third of daily calories.

But not a few of us who thought the habit of snacking at night because of hunger that suddenly appeared. Though it could be a specific factor that actually makes us like addicted to always chew before bedtime. For example:

1. Lazy Breakfast: Many women say lazy breakfast because it was not used. Though this action can actually thwart weight loss efforts are being conducted. According to the experts said, the urge to snack after dinner at night is usually felt by those who intake of breakfast and lunch a little. As a result, the body's defense system against hunger is easy to collapse and we tend to eat more in the afternoon and evening. We recommend: Eat an hour after we wake up in the morning. The goal is to rebalance the metabolism rate, after fasting all night your body.

2. Mentally tired: A study shows, a significant relationship between mental stress with the habit of snacking in the evening snack. It is commonly found, especially in women. According to the research, we tend to overcome anxiety, depression, and stress by eating foods high in fat and sugar. Yet when stress appears, the production of the hormone cortisol in the body increases. These hormones play a role in causing the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, plus trigger the urge to snack a difficult detained. Conversely: Use aromatherapy fragrances to calm down. Nutrition specialist said, certain fragrances such as vanilla and chocolate, essentially calm the mind, so the stress was reduced. Decreased levels of stress which automatically reduce hunger

3. Already accustomed to snacking: Basically, the body systems work in accordance with patterns or habits we form. If this dive we're used to snacking every hour of 9 pm, the body will automatically ask to fill the food on time, every day. This still happens even when the body should rest and stop working. As a result, difficult to digest food because the body already in a state of rest. Furthermore, there is accumulation of fat and calories in our bodies. If the state is accustomed to in a long time - consciously or not - then we will potentially have obesities. Thus described by a nutritionist. We recommend: Hold the desire to snack at night, especially when it entered the range of 3 hours before bedtime. Or to be more easily, make sure you stop eating after 7:30 o'clock tonight. According to another expert, at that hour, the body temperature begins to decline. Similarly, the body's vital functions, such as heartbeat and breathing rhythm. All of that is an alarm that indicates the body was preparing to rest.
If the diet we follow the rhythm of the body, the body also will rest well and properly.

4. Affected by Night Eating Syndrome (NES): NES is one of the symptoms of eating disorders is the first time by Dr. Albert Stundkard, MD., from University of Pennsylvania.Stundkard Albert, MD., Of the University of Pennsylvania, in 1995. He conducted a study of 25 obese patients, 90 percent of whom were women. Approximately 64 percent of study participants experienced three symptoms of eating disorders, namely increase in appetite during the night, difficulty sleeping, and no appetite in the morning. In America, this phenomenon affects nearly 6 million inhabitants. Meanwhile, a study in Norway also showed that, patients with NES generally have decreased levels of several types of hormones in the body at night. Among them is melatonin and leptin. This decrease makes patient always awake at night, so it's easy to feel hungry which then ended in activity in excess snacking. We recommend: First of all, resolve the first problem is difficult to sleep in patients with NES. Then, just go to control stress. At this stage, the use of sedatives could be one of the most effective therapies. But what is important we consult with a healthcare or psychology, so that appropriate handling.

Explain what I tell you earlier. So you all need to maintain health. Let's keep health from now on. So, stop snacking at night.

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