Dangerous diet so don't do that

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Dangerous diet so don't do that - Be careful in your diet. Wrong diet can not only make you difficult to maintain weight loss long term. But also the risk of health problems. Know which one is wrong, and more observant in determining the pattern of weight loss options.

1. Diet selective

This is the kind of diet that just gave the green light to kind of limited food, and absolutely prohibit a particular food group-usually the type of fatty foods and sweet flavor. Beware of this type of diet. The reason is, in fact we need many kinds of nutrients that can be obtained by consuming a variety of foods.

This type of diet cannot be done in the long run. It is true that your weight can be lost by eating only cabbage soup. But, how long you hold only one type of food to eat every day? Sooner or later, you'll get bored and go back to find your favorite foods. As a result, the weight will bounce back.

2. Detox diet

Many experts advise to be wary of diet. Anyway, all kinds of diets by ridding the organs in the body is a dangerous thing. According to Peeke, any attempt to clean the dirt from the body is actually we do not need and cannot be clinically justified.

The body actually has been equipped with a cleaning device which acts to get rid of toxins. So, you no longer need to do extra cleaning effort. Even if the diet gets results at first, it could be because you reduce the portion of high-calorie foods and replace them with vegetables and fruits.

3. Diet magic potion

This is the kind of diet which states that by eating one particular type of food-whether it is a supplement, green tea, or cider vinegar, you can lose weight drastically. So far, no one magic potion in the world capable of delivering results as the dream of many people. Face alone, so I can lean, you really have to sweat through exercise and refrain from overeating. Hence, he recommends you to be careful before you are tempted to follow the dietary patterns that promote certain types of food or medicine can turn into sing set stocky body.

4. Quibble fasting diet

Examples of abstinence diet containing calories. In fact, fasting is a spiritual and cultural traditions that have been run for centuries. Only, fasting with the purpose of weight loss can actually result in counterproductive.

When eating less calories, your body will think that you're hungry, so adjust the rhythm of metabolism. Unfortunately, when you return to eating normally, your metabolism does not conform to anymore. Plus the weight down while fasting is a combination of fat, fluid, and muscle. However, when the weight gain again, it is usually due to the increased amount of fat.

5. Diets that violates the rules of health

Examples include diet requires you to drink water for several days in a row. Or is it a diet that does not allow you to drink lots of water, on the grounds that the body is not swollen. Similarly, the type of diet that only allows you to drink orange juice to shed fat. If since the beginning has found irregularities in the rules that advise you to immediately turn around and look for other dietary patterns that make more sense. After all, you do not want to upset stomach because of drinking orange juice right?

How dangerous is not it? From now avoid things like that if you care about yourselves. So that's dangerous diet so do not do that.

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