Food combining diet

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Is it food combining diet?

Food combining diet
is to combine the food there is good and suitable for your diet. However, in principle diet group theorized that certain foods require different digestion times. The body will digest food better when we consume foods that have the same digestion time. Proteins, for example, has a long tract of time, whereas short carbohydrate. Therefore they should not be eaten together. In contrast, the protein can be consumed together with green vegetables.

A good weight loss is considered closely related to good digestion. Consuming foods in the wrong way will make it rot and cannot be digested properly, thus causing the occurrence of fat deposits. So if you know when to eat the right time and managed to avoid certain foods consumed at the same time, automatically your digestion work better, and your weight will go down by itself.

Promised food combining

Food combining diet, you do not need to count calories or reduce the size of the meal to lose weight. Simply by knowing when to eat and what food combinations. That way, your body will naturally achieve and maintain ideal weight. With plenty to eat lots of vegetables and fruit, you will be spared from constipation, the body became more fit and away from the disease.


Grip do not easy to follow. You also need to make dietary changes are drastic enough to run this diet. Although it is quite a lot of people successfully lose weight with this diet.

- In addition to very low in calories, this diet over the long term can lead to deficiencies of vitamins and minerals the body needs, especially vitamin D, B2, calcium, and iron. To be successful for you.

- To compensate for changes in your diet is quite dramatic, eat, you can select any combination you like, calculated to please his diet so that events are less of a burden.

- Add supplements to get around the lack of vitamins and minerals. This is very good serve as a food combining diet.

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