How to lose fat a day

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How to lose fat a day - Fat is a problem faced by almost everyone. Even for most of the others, fat is not just a problem, but also a nightmare that must be removed and thrown away. Here it is, moment to lose fat in one day, see his review.

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How to lose fat a day who do brisk walking for 30 minutes with interval velocity increases slowly. Walk at medium speed for 1 minute, then 1 minute fast walk, then walk 1 minute on medium speed again, then sprint 1 minute. Any change in velocity end with 30 seconds jump squat (squat jump). Repeat 6 times. light exercise with enough intensity increases fat burning by 36 percent.

9:00 pm

How to lose fat a day by enjoying a glass of oatmeal mature plus 2 tablespoons walnuts and bits of dried cherries. These snacks helps burn body fat by 25%, oatmeal helps your metabolism and restore energy, walnuts slimming with omega 3, and anthocyanins in the cherries oxidize the bad fats in the body.

9:30 pm

How to lose fat a day in which the time to go to the toilet, use toilet one floor lower or higher than your workspace. Make sure you use the stairs on the way to and back from there. Walking 10 minutes after sitting for a long time, help you burn 40 calories.

10:00 am

How to lose fat a day in which the muscles burn calories. Therefore, the form of more muscle by preparing 3-5kg weights under your desk, for weight training. You can do this when he received the phone or while being air-chit-chat with friends. 5 minutes of weight training, burn almost 20 calories.

10:30 am

Consumption of hummus, middle eastern cuisine made from nuts and olive oil and some other materials, snacks are low in fat and contain monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). The content of olive oil in it add strength to remove grease, plus the protein helps build muscle to burn calories.

That's about How to lose fat a day.

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