Eat on a date

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Eat on a date. Dating means out of the restaurant. Then what will happen to your diet plan? Hey, two things need not conflict. You could have fun going out, but still slim charming.

This is a valuable lesson about healthy food and healthy dating:

The first lesson: Prepare a plan from the beginning

Eat on a date is a challenge to maintain a healthy diet while you start dating is great, especially when the man, as he put it himself, was Big Man with a Big Appetite. Can-can you eat out more often than usual, eating more than usual tonight, had to order a special meal in front of him, and persuaded to order dessert.

If you already know will eat at the restaurant tonight, as a compensation practice longer than usual in the morning. And when you know you will eat more than usual tonight, do not make the mistake to save calories throughout the day and then eat as full in the evening. Instead, be smart, eat fresh vegetables and protein for lunch. Whenever possible, suggest that you are choosing a restaurant. Avoid restaurants that serve delicious food that cannot be denied!

The second lesson: No need to apologize

Suppose you're dating, and the waiter brought the food menu. You then choose from a series of dishes on offer. You really like one chicken menu listed in the menu, but you want the chicken was boiled, and without sauce. Then instead of potatoes, you want a salad, with dressing in a separate container. The first words out of your mouth (accompanied by the expression of apology to her partner).

Lesson three: All calories must be calculated (Yes, including free food)!

Even if you share food with others or just taste a piece of dessert or obtain additional complimentary food from the restaurant, do not ever think of calories into your mouth need not be calculated. Thoughts like this wrong and definitely fattening! In other words, if you are offered by the him half the cheese cake, think first if you really want or need it. Do you feel you must accept his offer because ... yes, his name is also a date? No. Most important: your own self, so, if you still want to stick to a healthy diet, resist temptations like this politely.

Lesson four: It's a date, not the eating contest

If you are small boned petite woman, you only need 1200 calories a day to survive on an ideal weight. And if you regularly go to dinner with a big tall man and an athlete too, and then you try to equate meal portions, in a week you will turn into the Short Fat. In terms of food, women and men cannot be matched. Ordering food of different types and different portions with your girlfriend is not a disrespectful attitude. And believe me, feeling you will do, when you eat a donuts or an apple bite. Eating healthy and dating okay can go hand in hand too! Happy eating and enjoy your date.

How do these tips above? May be useful for those of you who've read my article on eat on a date.

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