Foods to lose weight

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Foods to lose weight - you want to lose weight the natural way? Perhaps some dietary methods you already know you can try. But, I'm confused, which method is right for me? You might think so. Actually there are other ways that you can choose to reduce weight. Which are believed to consume certain foods can help weight loss efforts. So, you do not need to torture yourself by following a strict diet method. Exciting, is not it? Here are some foods that are nutritious.


Foods to lose weight which is the only one with grapes. In Western countries grapefruit diet was a conversation. According to Dr. Ken Fujioka, Chief Researcher Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center, Scripps Clinic, United States, he and his colleagues have data that show that grapefruit can indeed help you lose weight. The research participants maintain diet and exercise routines very little increase. The only change is that they consume grapefruit Florida and grapefruit juice. The result, consumes half grapefruit before meals three times a day, helps reduce weight as much as 1.8 kg for approximately 12 weeks without changing diet.

The participants who drank grapefruit juice showed a decrease of almost equal weight. However, in those who consume grapefruit extract capsules obtained results that are less effective. The researchers believe that the effect comes from the ability of grapefruit reduce insulin levels in the body. Insulin helps control fat metabolism. Low levels of insulin after a meal makes the body is able to process food more efficiently and store less as fat.

Dairy products

Foods to lose weight with dairy products. Because of fear of getting fat, many people do not include dairy products (dairy products) in their diet. In fact, these products are useful to help destroy the fat in the body. Calcium in this product is much more effective weight loss compared with calcium supplements. This is because dairy products contain whey protein, vitamin D, and angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE), which are all, in cooperation with calcium, can reduce fat cells and break down existing fat.

A study showed that those who drank yogurt three times a day managed to lose as much as 61% body fat than those who do not drink yogurt. They had an average weight loss of 7.5 kg. In addition, according to Michael Zemel, PhD, chairman of the study and author of The Calcium Key (Wiley, 2004), yogurt also maintain muscle strength. This is important, since the purpose of dieting is to erode the fat, not muscle. Muscles are needed to help burn calories.

Those who consume dairy products also managed to erode much more fat in the abdomen. This is certainly a good news, because the stomach is considered the most dangerous fat storage. In addition, some participants managed to reduce their waist circumference of 2.5 cm to include yogurt in your diet every day. Several other studies on calcium and weight loss is given by The 13th European Congress on Obesity in 2004. These researchers saw that taking calcium can inhibit weight gain that usually occurs after a person stops dieting.


Nuts are often labeled as foods high in fat italics. In fact, the fiber in beans can absorb the fat. For example, fibers in cell walls of almonds which can prevent the absorption of fat, although in small quantities. A study showed that in mice who ate almonds and low-calorie diet weight decrease is much greater. Not only that, the mice were much longer maintain the reduction in weight compared to mice that did the same diet, but do not eat almonds. Further studies need to be done to see whether the same goal should be happening in humans.


A lot of studies that indicate a positive correlation between tea consumption and weight loss. A recent study of 1210 people in Taiwan showed that those who have the habit of tea drinking one or more times a week for six months decreased body fat as much as 19.6%. Waist and hip circumference was reduced by 2.1% than those who did not drink tea. These results are becoming apparent in people who regularly drank tea for 10 years.

Another study looks at the relationship between green tea and the resilience and the use of fat as energy at a group of rats. Found that for more than 10 weeks of consuming green tea, rat during exercise endurance increased by 24%. It is derived and the use of fatty acids to obtain additional energy.

The third study looks at the loss of body fat and weight on Japanese men. In this study found a greater fat loss in those who drank a bottle of green tea every day for three months, compared with those who drank a bottle of oolong tea every day. The result, the weight of men who drink green tea extract on average fell 2.3 kg for three months. While that drinking oolong tea weight declined only 1.5 kg.

How, you can get all the food on top with easy right? Let's try and see how the results after trying the suggested above by the foods to lose weight.

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