Fat and weight gain

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Fat and weight gain - The ideal lean body every woman's dream, with sports, super-strict diet, to taking slimming drugs, all done for the sake of a beautiful body. Though there are some foods that can trigger the body's metabolism working so avoid the pile of fat.

Fat and weight gain which accelerate the metabolic system is one surefire way to lose weight and maintain lean body remains. Not just simply by exercising regularly, but also some proper nutritious food can accelerate metabolism.

As featured magic, metabolism and calorie burning process are the main factors that affect weight. The higher the metabolism, the faster the food is digested and result in more calories burned and not a pile of fat.

Metabolism is the process by which the body converts food and beverages you eat into energy. During a complex biochemical process, calories in foods and beverages are combined with oxygen to release energy required for maintenance body functions.

Fat and weight gain. Healthy brain tissue was visible from our weight scales. This is known after a number of experts who do research. Want to know more detail?

It is said, people with excess weight tend to have brain tissue 4 percent below normal. Not only that, their brains are also believed to 8 years older than the class of people whose weight is ideal.

This can happen because the levels are high in fat and calories in the body can narrow the arteries of our brain. The result will impede blood flow and contribute to the reduction in brain size. Looks like this study encourages us to keep eating more and more spirit. The aim, not merely in order to display the body remains attractive, but also for central control of our intelligence.

And we can do to make weight scales may reflect a healthy brain is to choose healthy foods and beverages. For the food we need to consider the content in it, which has a water content and high healthy. Why? Because of low caloric value despite the appearance of fruit and vegetables for example have a large volume.

After that, make sure also that we choose foods high in fiber. Because fiber is what will make the body easier to digest, plus easy to make us not starve. Another also our healthy food choices with the right drinks, ie beverage that contains no soda or energy drinks. The reason, these drinks have a very high calorific value.

Do not forget to exercise regularly so that your metabolism running optimally. This means there is no opportunity for fat to accumulate in every inch of the body. So, ready to nourish our brains? If so, start by keeping our weight.

That's my opinion about fat and weight gain.

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