Lose Weight without Torture

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Lose Weight Without Torture - you may not immediately believe it when told that the most important for you to lose weight not eating less but eating in a different way.

Recent research in the field of nutrition shows there is indeed a new way to win the war against obesity, without dieting and without imposing themselves starve. The conclusion was based on an understanding of which foods make you more productive and give you a real energy, and which foods only make fat stomach.

Here's how to eat a balk to health while meeting your needs as a person who has a taste.

1. Drink plenty of water.

Lose weight without the ordeal by drinking water. Drink as much fresh water is one way to reduce appetite. In addition to making the stomach feel full, many people also mistakenly think that they are hungry when in fact only thirsty. Try to drink 8 glasses of water a day, with half a cup to drink during the day.

While you drink water throughout the day, keep in mind that the caffeine in cola drinks, coffee, or tea had a detrimental effect. Caffeine including a diuretic, so it tends to remove water from the body. For this reason, most doctors recommend to those who undergo weight-loss program in order to drink no more than three servings of caffeinated beverages a day.

2. Stay away from fat

In addition, there are also overweight because fat makes us much more easily absorbed and stored by the body than carbohydrates or protein. Carbohydrates almost immediately burned by the body, while fat, which is more rich in calories, burn more slowly and the excess will be abandoned and draped on your stomach, like a spare tire.

Begin reducing the fat from the source: Eat less meat, fried foods, and dairy products and fat-rich desserts. Be careful also doused with salad or flavored with fatty material. In this regard, it is advisable to keep the total calories derived from fat limited to 25 percent of all daily caloric needs.

Foods rich in fat has a strong link to obesity, which in turn is associated with increased risk of developing various cancers. The wise man said, foods rich in fat, including the cause of so many diseases, so it would be nice if we only consume foods that are poor in fat.

3. Do not let hunger

If you replace the excessive calories from fat with calories from carbohydrates, you can actually eat more but still lose weight. So fill your plate with a carbohydrate-rich pasta (without sauce fat), cereal, bread, red beans, fresh vegetables and bush fruits to fill your stomach when you're hungry.

4. Do not be too hard on yourself.

If you cannot relax and enjoy your body's streamlining program, eventually you'll lose yourself. No need to punish yourself if you occasionally eat a little cake or meat. If over 80 percent of life is poor you eat foods that are fat, when you're out of town or visiting in-laws house, enjoy a banquet event that they hold for you, and do not resist when presented with fatty foods, he said.

5. Face-to continue to reward that awaits you.

Lose weight without face-to continue to torture with a gift that will await you. Here's good news for you: If you continue with poor fat diet long enough, you will lose your taste of fat-rich foods. A four-year study of more than 2000 people at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center at the University of Washington in Seattle showed that people who restrict their intake of fat to lose the desire to eat fatty foods within six months or less, and eventually became not like to type food like that. So hang in there-will be increasingly easier.

6. Fire the two series of this evil.

Fat and sugar. When the body is given a sugar, it responds by releasing insulin. Because insulin is a type of hormone that deals with the storage, this hormone allows the storage of fat cells into the warehouse. So when you eat sugar, keep fat intake at the time as low as possible. In addition, fat and sugar when they are together can increase your appetite to a level that is difficult to control. Sweet foods cause an increase in blood sugar levels, which, due to a chain reaction in the body, making your appetite peaked. Then combine your sweet drinks with fresh fruits or cereal without sugar instead of the donuts or chocolate bars and candy.

7. Eat little but often.

Some researchers support the idea of eating small meals throughout the day instead of large meals three times a day to control the clan prevent voracious appetite.

8. Choose foods that are spicy.

Eat spicy foods to boost your metabolic rate, as this will burn more calories. When people eat foods that are spicy, they usually sweating, a sign that your metabolism is increased. And the faster your metabolism, the more heat generated by the body. Remember, anything that keeps you warm in turn will make you slim. However, beware of foods that are very rich in fat, even though it was spicy at all.

9. Start with soup.
Soup as an appetizer tends to reduce the principal amount of food you eat, according to some studies. In a study from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, those who ate soup before eating the main meal usually includes 25 percent fewer calories than those who started the meal with cheese and pastries. The cause may be the volume of space taken up by the soup in the stomach or because most of the calories contained in a soup made up of carbohydrates, not fat, researchers say. Or perhaps there are psychological factors at work.

10. Hold and look at hunger.

If you feel a strong urge to eat as much, do not immediately translate it as a command to eat. Although you may think that the hunger will make you like run over by a truck 18 wheels, research suggests that this excessive hunger usually comes, rising, peaking, but then declined again. Divert your attention from it by a walk or whatever it difficult to do while eating. This will help drive the desire to eat it.

That's just my opinion, trying to lose weight safely without torture.

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