Combating Obesity with Vegetables

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Combating obesity with vegetables - If you include people who are not anti-vegetables, grateful! Various studies have shown that vegetables contain potent compounds that can increase endurance, protects you from disease and 'combat' obesity. Furthermore, phytochemicals, substances that can only be found in vegetables and fruits, potent reduce risk of chronic diseases and cancer.

The habit of eating vegetables does not come naturally to everyone. Doctor’s nutritionists, the original flavor of vegetables is not as good as meat, if not cooked with spices or sauce are delicious, the taste of vegetables is less tempting. In addition, many people who do not like to eat vegetables because it is not accustomed to from childhood. Most children who do not like to eat vegetables are a mother works or not diligently serve their children. The researchers even found that only 20% of children who ate fruits and vegetables in adequate servings each day. And 25% of the types of vegetables are eaten by them are the french fries if you include people who are lazy or even less likely to eat vegetables, maybe a little trick can help you to meet the needs of daily vegetable intake. Nothing wrong, is not it, try!

Find what you like

In a tropical country rich in various plants, you can easily find the type of vegetables are preferred. To get it you need to arouse curiosity and your adventurous spirit. And most important is the willingness to experiment. Experiment will include processing methods. Because vegetables are processed by boiling, pan-fried, microwaved or eaten raw will give a different flavor and texture. How to cultivate the right still must be considered. For instance, vegetables should be cooked in quick time, as you often see in restaurants, Chinese food. If cooked quickly, the color will remain green vegetables. Moreover, if too long, contain vitamins and minerals will be reduced.


You can put whatever vegetables you like into the salad, such as lettuce, tomatoes, beets, corn, peppers, carrots, onions and others.

Why is it necessary to eat vegetables?

Against obesity with vegetables, there are three processes that occur in the body, namely the combustion (power), development (growth) and settings. To get power, the body needs carbohydrate, fat and protein. Meanwhile, to grow and develop necessary protein and water. And to arrange for all these processes occur there must be the vitamins and minerals derived from vegetables and fruits. That is why the vegetables are very important for the body, because there are certain substances that can only be obtained through the vegetables. In the meat also contained vitamins and minerals, but the discrepancy was small.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits are also an ideal way to lose weight naturally. In addition to low calorie and low fat, fiber in the vegetables can be filling the stomach. Vegetables also create a peristaltic work better, making it easier defecation.

Serve with interesting
Way of presenting and processing of interest can help you get rid of a sense of reluctance to eat vegetables. No need to consume raw vegetables or put a whole pile of vegetables in your dinner plate. Try to make it more delicious cooked into soups, pizza, pie or lasagna. By cutting into smaller sizes or mixed with other foodstuffs, vegetables will be much better views. After all when eating soup, you will not feel the taste and aroma of each vegetable. Or as in pastels or lasagna, you do not need to see firsthand the vegetables as it is covered dough wrapped.

Fruit may be added

Many nutrients are in vegetables are also found in fruit. So you could replace the nutritional deficiencies of these vegetables with fruits. But that does not mean avoiding vegetables at all. There are nutrients and compounds in vegetables that cannot be easily obtained elsewhere. Fruit contain more vitamins, but less fiber and minerals. But you could combine fruits with vegetables. Drinking a glass of juice in the morning and another in the afternoon or evening could be a decent effort. But because some fiber is lost in the processing of juice, it's not a good idea if only rely on juice alone. And do not forget, consider also the variation of the type and color of fruit that you eat. Each type and color has its own advantages.

That's about the fight against obesity with vegetables.

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