Safe way to reduce obesity

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In general, obesity experienced by many people. Those who are overweight has been doing a lot of diets and other treatments. Now, also has many fitness centers are established for those who are lazy to exercise alone. These places are set up aims to establish a healthy and slim body. Those who are overweight a lot on their body fat and cholesterol. So that those with body fatness feel unattractive and embarrassed to have a body like that. So, how do I safely reduce obesity?

How do safely reduce obesity

Reduce obesity many do. You can replace your meals with foods that contain lots of fiber. For example, vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits that we eat, it is difficult to digest up to reduce the lump of fat on our bodies. However, the food we also have to be balanced anyway. We still should not eat foods that contain fat and carbohydrate but in sufficient quantities and appropriate course.

For those of you who go on a diet with a diet that does not fit the condition will make your body becomes weak, susceptible to disease, and dispirited.

Safe way to reduce obesity

There is also a safe way to reduce obesity in the traditional way. Here's an explanation how.


1. Pomegranate 2 pieces
2. salt
3. water


1. Take 2 pieces of white pomegranate, then wash. (not seeded)
2. Mash until smooth 2 of pomegranate and its seeds.
3. Enter 3 tablespoons water (boiled water).
4. Enter a little salt.
5. Stir until evenly distributed.
6. Strain the water and then drunk.

That's the safe way to reduce obesity. Do it for 3 times per day on a regular basis. Good luck and see the results.

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