Lose weight with Banana

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Bananas also have a high resistant starch, which is a type of fiber which can increase feelings of satiety and may block the absorption of some carbohydrates. Enter a banana as a list of your current diet in losing weight. Behind this advice is also based on scientific studies showing the relationship between lack of sleep with obesity. Naturalness in bananas also contribute in maintaining digestive health, preventing revenue, increase energy, and can improve mood.

Banana for weight loss

Avoid caffeine at breakfast, because it will create a stable blood glucose increase the appetite. Better to eat a lot contain many nutrients and can increase energy, have a low calorie and non-fat. Bananas can also overcome the problem of digestion and metabolism. Besides those benefits, other benefits of bananas are able to lose weight. One reason, why is this banana diet work? because bananas have enzymes that will make the intestines can digest food. In addition to eating a banana for breakfast and dinner, other rules must be obeyed is to sleep before midnight. While you're dieting, you still must eat other foods, but can still be measured portions. For athletes only, bananas can provide more energy than other fruits. People who are obese are encouraged to eat bananas for breakfast and dinner (no later than 08:00), and avoid the dessert after dinner. In addition to the diet or by eating bananas, you also have to walk or jog a few minutes each day on a regular basis.

Other foods to lose weight

To lose weight we can still eat other foods except for products containing milk, ice cream, donuts, and some other foods that contain fat and sugar, but can be allowed if the consumption in small amounts. Bananas are also very good for health because they contain a good source of vitamin B and potassium. It has been a lot of people can already feel his success in losing weight with a diet of bananas.

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