Healthy and slim with Herbal potions

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Lose weight naturally, the use of natural medicines with ingredients from herbal plants. This method is also safe and has no side effects at all. This theory only refers to three things, namely deuretika, laksansia, and suppress appetite. Info Listen healthy and slim with herbal potion.

Herbal potion make healthy and slim

In a healthy and slim with herbal potion, examples of plants that work deuretika is leaf cat whiskers, tempuyung, and nasty shard. Potion of these drugs is draining on the body. Thus the number of water expelled from the body can reduce the weight directly.

Herbs for slimming to starve else you get here. Among others use the leaves of Dutch identity and bangle. Leaves Dutch identity is useful for weight loss and also facilitate the metabolism in the body.

How to slim with herbal potions

Dutch identity leaves contain hormone-sensitive lipase. This hormone that accelerates weight loss. This hormone works by gaining energy from the fats that the body's clot. Here's how to create healthy and slimming potions with the herbs.

Material :

- 100 grams of brown sugar;
- 2 segment bangle is washed and peeled;
- 8 leaves of Dutch identity;
- 3 pieces of betel leaf;
- 2 pieces chili Java;
- 6 cm white pomegranate skin;
- 5 cups of water.

How to manufacture :

- Wash all herbs.
- Iris bangle, then Java chili and stew with white pomegranate skin using a small flame.
- After the smell out, put brown sugar, the leaves of Dutch identity, and betel leaf.
- Stir and simmer all ingredients to boil and the remaining four cups water.

How to eat healthy and slim with herbal potion :

Taken twice a day. Each 1 cup.

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