Orange juice weight loss

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Oranges contain lots of vitamin C is good for your health. Orange is very good to consume in every day. But, to them have ulcer don't so much to eat it. Because your acid in your stomach be increased. That's one of the bad side to them have ulcer for orange.

Benefit of orange juice

• Prevent canker sores
• Strengthen heart muscle
• Set the metabolism of cholesterol
• Streamlining metabolism
• Improve skin cells damaged by free radicals
• Inhibiting premature aging
• Inhibit the growth of cancer cells

Orange juice for weight loss

Oranges can be used as a dessert or dessert. Oranges are also a match made into juice and suitable to quench your thirst. However, orange juice is also suitable as lowering the body.

Here are descriptions of orange juice weight loss:

• orange juice at breakfast

Drink a glass of orange before eating. This is done because it can avoid excessive eating. The content of vitamin C in oranges can increase your endurance every time so your body always feels healthy with normal metabolism.

• Soft drinks replaced with orange juice

More soft drinks will make the stomach feel bloated. So you better consume orange juice each day compared to soda. So your blood sugar levels can be set to normal by the vitamin C in orange juice. Begin to replace your drink with orange juice and balanced with white water as well.

• A bottle of orange juice to be taken anywhere

So that you can always consume orange juice made your own experience can bring it with a bottle of orange juice and take it wherever you go. The content of the orange poliphenol prevent us from dehydration and makes your stomach full and durable.

• Drinking orange juice before bed

Orange juice weight loss. Drink a glass of orange 1.5 hours before you sleep to prevent starvation. This is to prevent you to eat light at night.

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