Slim body without Suffering

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Slim body without Suffering. No pain, no gain. This proverb often do you hear when you're starting to exercise. But it turns out this is not always true. For some sports such as cycling and rowing swimming, exercise is consistent with a low intensity exercise can improve your results. The study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise states that differ by a run, three sports at the top takes some unnatural body movements. When the motion has been obtained perfect, you can use less energy to get the same results, said principal investigator Steve Ingham, Ph.D., of the Home Institute of Sport, Loughborough University.

Slim body with exercise that are testing the adrenaline. Want to exercise and simultaneously increase the adrenaline? Why not try rock climbing. In addition to cardio training, rock climbing can also satisfy your need for something extreme. According to a study reported in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. A woman climber who often do rock climbing for recreation, can reach 90% peak current pulse is an easy climb. This sport, the same intensity as running and cycling, said author Angelo Rodio, Ph.D.

Slim body with eliminating boredom. Exercising is one of the best ways to change the mood you're sunk. Researchers confirmed that exercise can fight stress. You do this by increasing your heart rate rhythm and relieve tension in muscles. This was stated by psychologist Jennifer Garth. With 30 minutes of aerobics, a sense of tension in your body will be reduced, allowing you to relax, think more clearly and can be frustrating. Exercise stimulates the brain secretes hormones endorphins, which make you feel better.

Slim body with a high impact sport. High-impact exercise does have a high risk of knee injuries. Moreover, the risk of knee joint injury for women, far greater than among men. Now, therefore, before exercising do not forget to warm up first. The Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance program developed in California shows the level of injury to the knee joint after a series of warming, was reduced 1.7 times.

Slim body
with aerobics. Cardio exercise turned out to not only make you healthier, but also smart. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, those who diligently exercise aerobically for 6 months or more, may fight decline in brain function associated with age. Practice with moderate and high intensity.

Slim body with music. Listen to Music during exercise may increase your spirit. But apparently there are several types of music that has more effect than any other music. In a study reported in the Journal of Sport & Exercise, participants are instructed to follow the rhythm of the song Madonna, Queen and Red Hot Chili Peppers, his endurance up to 15%. Likewise with their mood. Come select your favorite songs.

Not easy to get the body that directly? You can do a fun way as above without experiencing burnout and boredom. Good luck, slim body without Suffering.

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