How to Streamline Calf

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How to streamline calf you can get here. Do you feel embarrassed and less confident with your large calves? Here you will find out how. Here's the explanation.

Calves become a major concern of women. Understandably, a beautiful calf form the main attraction of a woman. However, as part of the foot that played a major role for walk, calf muscles generally have a harder texture. Not to mention the existence of fat deposits in the area so as to make the form of calves less than ideal.

What causes big calves?

This large calves due to excessive fat is in calves thus forming the large leg muscles. To overcome this you must exercise diligently calf legs that can make your legs become taut so it is very beautiful to look at.

However, if the cause is fat, then you can do mesolipolysis treatment. With these treatments you do not have to think twice for wearing tight clothes or showing off your beautiful belly.

Mesolipolysis What is it?

Mesolipolysis is a method or process which aims to eliminate the fat in certain body parts by injecting and transporting fat-burning substances. How this is done by a doctor by using a special needle which has a very smooth criteria or characteristics such as strands of eyelashes.

Mesolipolysis treatment is treatment that originated from France. This treatment technique discovered in 1953 by Dr. Michele Pistor. Thus, this treatment can destroy your fats which are at the location of the stomach, hips, calves, thighs, upper arms and under her bra. How effective is not it? Not only the calf, but the parts that are often a place of accumulation of fat can be solved at once with this mesolipolysis treatment. The way it works is that fat is broken down into FFA or Free Fatty Acid + CO2 + H2O.

Meanwhile, if indeed a very big muscles you should be able to do botox in the large muscle hypertrophy or earlier. Usually the results are to be slim, but it needs to be done by a specialist or certified.

Meanwhile, to cope with a distended stomach, I suggest you to set the adequacy of calories, do not eat too much, and gymnastic exercises for abdominal muscles get so tight.

Even so, excess fat can also be overcome by mesolipolysis. However, before doing that you should consult your physician first mesolipolysis mesotherapy.

There was also way down the calf by use biomesosdupture and acupuncture. Are you familiar with the treatments as I mentioned earlier?

Biomesosculpture done by suction and off using the tool biomesosculpture without the intervention of drugs and needles so that flexing the muscles in the calf. While aquapunture calf reduction technique is a way to inject the drug into the calf.

Treatment biomesosculpture and aquapunture is a unity of mutual support. Indeed, both treatment it can be done individually. But, to get maximum results, should both be done.

Aquapunture Biomesosculpture and complement each other. Because, maintenance is done from the outside and inside. Treatment is intended to facilitate biomesosculpture aquapunture do, because basically serves biomesosculpture relax the calf muscles.

Actually biomesosculpture and aquapunture has its own advantages. For example, when the calves tight, there are certain people who can not receive injections of the drug directly from aquapunture. Therefore, needs to be done biomesosculpute first. After that, a new injectable liquid fat destroyer made from herbs.

Stages and processes

Treatment to beautify the calf did not take long, so it is suitable for those who are busy and do not have much time. The following stages

Calf Circumference Measurement

Measurements were made from the base of the calf (back of knee) 10 inches down to get the midpoint. And then measured the diameter of the circumference of his calf. This measurement is performed to obtain the size of the circumference of the calf before treatment. So it can be known how much less the size of the circumference of the calf after the treatment.

Use of Biomesosculpture

The second stage is the use of tools biomesosculpture. But the calf previously smeared with Tami del. The gel serves as a mediator of biomesosculpture tool. The gel will give the effect of heat, as well as the destroyer of fat.
Having smeared the gel, there was 30 times suppression using biomesosculpture to break the fat cells in the calf into pieces smaller. So biomesosculpture tool will help put the gel into the calf. This stage is performed for approximately 20 minutes.


Once the fat cells in the calf is destroyed, then performed aquapunture, ie by injecting a special fluid. Inoculation is done at points akupunture in calf, approximately four points. Injecting akupunture dititik-point is done so that the injected fluids more quickly it works.

Wrapping Calves

In a standing position, the calf will be wrapped using plastic wrapping for at least 20 minutes. When done over a long time, will certainly give better results.

No side effects

Treatment biomesosculpture and aquapunture safe and no side effects. Biomesosculpture only be done by means of external intervention. No drug or chemical substances that enter. While menyundtikan aquapunture done with herbal liquid, so it is safe.

Even so, keep in mind that pregnant women and patients with varicose veins do not undergo this treatment. To obtain maximum results, do the treatment three times a week just by the experts.

The Things That Must Look For

To keep the calf still beautiful, there are several things to consider. These include the following:
Avoid standing too long. Standing for too long can cause a large calf. If the job requires a lot of standing, Ceramic by wearing supportive stockings.

Avoid wearing High Heels for too long. Wearing high heels for too long makes the calf muscles pulled up, causing the calves to grow. If you must wear high heels every day, disconnect when sitting.

Relax your feet. Do a massage to make the calf muscles toned and relaxed. Or, if the foot was sore after the move, when sleep raise the foot to the wall for 15 minutes, and let your eyes closed.

Do the exercise. Beautiful calves from the leg muscles of healthy, because it take time to do exercise to strengthen the muscles of the calf. Exercise is necessary in order to not loose or the calf sagged. This exercise should be done by anyone, no matter who big or have beautiful legs. However, it can also be used as a way to shrink your calves.

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