Diet blood type

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Blood type diet invented by Dr.. Peter D'Adamo. He describes the reaction of food eaten with the blood type that exists. This reaction is part of the genetic heritage of the so-called lectins. This lectin is agglutination that could affect the existing blood. So it can be inferred if the foods you eat contain lectin protein that does not match your blood type antigen would then lectin agglutination of blood cells and cause problems to your health. This concept is called the blood type diet.

Following the blood type diet:

Diet blood type O

Direction of diet blood type O is a diet by eating high protein foods. And there are those statements that have blood type O, it is someone who has a high achievement, active and organized. Exercise the right thing to do for those with blood type O are jogging, cycling, swimming and brisk walking. Exercise the right to do it is morning.

Diet blood type A

Diet blood type A is diet by eating vegetables and avoiding red meat, or simply eat vegetarian food. There are opinions that say they are blood type A has a creative nature, very sensitive, and good problem solvers. Matching exercise carried out by those with blood type A is yoga, tai chi, walking, and outdoor sports.

Diet blood type B

Diet blood type B is a diet by consuming more dairy products. For those who have blood type B have a strong immune system and digestive system flexible. It is argued, blood group B has a very practical nature, do not like to waste time in many ways. Sports are perfect for those who have blood type B which is a moderate exercise training using the body and brain.

AB blood type diet

Lastly about the blood type diet is. With AB blood type diet is a diet with more vegetables and consume more dairy products. It is argued, those who have blood type AB is a clever and creative, have a good idea in business, and sociable. Exercise suitable for someone with blood type AB is the yoga and jogging.

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