Health Diet Blood Type

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You definitely hear the word diet is already connected to reduce eating or not eating makes you feel hungry or full. But that's not a healthy diet blood type. Because, in this diet you still have to eat, satiety, and meet the nutrition and calories needed by the body. However, the question is whether the appropriate foods we should eat and should not be eaten?

Reactions to food in the mouth

Eating is a process of chemical reaction with the food we eat or the supplements we consume. Blood type is genetically programmed to accept and reject the content of protein in our diets.

Foods that contain protein as opposed to the blood group will collect or wad of cells in organs such as liver, kidney, brain, stomach, intestine, and others. This process is called agglutination that would interfere with metabolism and endurance. As an effect would arise diseases, such as arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), colitis (inflammation of the intestine), cholesterol, hypertension, depression, stress, decreased / overweight, diabetes, and food addiction.

How to healthy diet blood type

Therefore, a healthy diet, but not just any diet, but with a healthy diet blood type. This diet is a diet without feeling hungry and aims to have long-term health, even prevent us from chronic disease until old age.

Maybe you've got information on a variety of ways diet, diet drugs, potions or any other diet where they do not give clear information how to work, composition, and side effects of the program, drug, or herb. This you should consider, because we do not know if it's harmful side effects or not for us. healthy diet blood type is transparent there is no need to be covered. Why? Because food and supplements will react chemically in our blood, for that we must know whether it is healthy, hygienic, useful, and non-toxic to us.

Many people who become sick, unhealthy, or even less healthy. Also there that have the ideal body weight, thin, fat, and obesity. Or there is even disproportionate body shape like a distended belly. Why did all this happen? Because they had been eating the wrong foods that do not correspond to their blood type so into piles or clumping from foods containing these proteins.

Blood Type A people who eat red meat is a taboo for him. Because of the low stomach acid to digest the hard red meat is eaten to cause the food is piled up and form a crust on the colon so that bowel is dirty and have toxin and metabolism become irregular and cause the stomach to bulge and may have hypertension.

People with blood type B have a taboo to eat chicken and nuts, because it makes foods that contain lots of protein and fat are stockpiled in the nervous system, causing neurological disease, such as headache, dizziness, and often forgotten.

People with blood type O are encouraged to eat red meat, because it has a high stomach acid. If he does not have an adequate intake of meat, then the stomach acid will not work optimally and make a person is exposed to ulcer disease. Abstinence people with blood type O is to eat foods that contain wheat flour or wheat, as it would make increased weight. People with blood type O susceptible to arthritis (arthritis).

Because the body and organs are not healthy or not working properly, then in addition to a healthy diet needed blood type should also take supplements. Supplement in question is a supplement that blood type.

With a healthy diet blood type, then we will be more healthy without worrying on our weight. If there is intention, there is a way and there must be results.

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