AB blood type diet

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AB blood type diet. AB blood type, according to D'Adamo called the Enigma (enigma, mysterious). Blood type AB is the last type of blood type evolved, originated approximately 1,000 years ago.

In terms of the needs of food, blood type AB blood group which is treated as that is an intermediary between blood groups A and B. People with AB blood type has a clever and creative nature, have a good idea for business, easy to get along with people.

In the blood type diet, exercise suitable for AB blood type diet is yoga or pilates once a week, lightweight Jogging can also be done with an intensity that more often.

AB blood type diet

Profile diet: Adjust with various types of food.

1. Very Helpful
(foods that have the effect of diet as a cure for blood group AB)

Sardines, green tea, tuna, goat's milk, egg white (chicken), ricotta cheese, sour cream (low calorie), red wine, meat (turkey, lamb, rabbit).

2. Neutral
(foods that do not react to any diet blood type AB)

red beans, bread, rice, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, pumpkin, potatoes, mustard greens, mango, cuttlefish, gold fish, beans, rice flour, tuna, butter, cheese, chicken eggs, melons, oranges, pears , dates, guava.

- Avoid:

Persimmon, Meat (beef, buffalo, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, deer and horses), lobsters, crabs, frogs, butter, pickles, corn, star fruit, pomegranate, alcoholic beverages, ketchup, coffee, soda, guava, mango , black beans, Ice cream, duck egg, bitter melon, banana, coconut.

Alternative Blood Type Diet

Maybe some of you start thinking that this diet so many exceptions for food and feels heavy, there are alternatives other diets that you can see the diet with nutrients that are low calorie foods regardless blood group called breakfast programs and diet programs to turbo.

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