Detox diet foods

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Before we discuss the detox diet foods, we must recognize first detox. Detox is a naturally cleanse and eliminate toxins in the body. Chemical toxin turned into something harmless and excreted in urine. Detox diet is to consume foods that serve to detoxify the body with a healthier way.

Detox is right to do that which is useful for the body. However, for those who want to do a detox diet should consult to your doctor first. Why is that? This is because if the diet does not run properly then the result will be bad for us.

Benefits of detox diet

When you do a detox diet program then the dirt will come out by itself. Benefits after doing this is the blood will be smooth, breathing harder, for increased stamina, reduced stress, and will be healthier than ever. This is what many people use, detox diet can lose weight safely.

How to detox diet

Detox diet foods right is diligently eating fruits, vegetables, and drink plenty of water. If you do a detox diet then you should not eat meat, dairy, alcohol, and bread. When this is done then your body will reduce the calories and carbohydrates. And arrange the food in accordance with this detox diet foods can make you free of fat and cholesterol.

However, detox diet requires a very strict thing that is done with a short time and not by a long time. If you do it with a long time is that it can cause the body loses a lot of nutrients.

Here I provide a way to do a detox diet:

• Chew food well
• Before and after dinner relaxation
• Sit with proper positioning and comfort when eating
• Eat more steamed vegetables
• Try drinking herbal tea is complete dinner

Here detox diet foods:

In the morning you can drink several glasses of water with half a squeeze of lemon juice. Do not forget to eat fresh fruit such as apples, bananas, pears, grapes, oranges. Then, a bowl of grains that have been cooked such as brown rice, wheat, and others.

While during the day is to eat a steamed vegetable such as tubers, green vegetables, potatoes, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and others.

As for dinner with foods detox diet is to have the same menu with a lunch menu but the addition of butter with vegetable mixture. However, before mixed with the vegetable first mixed with vegetables that have been steamed and then mixed with the vegetable. After that, put into refrigerator. You may also be accompanied with a dish of herbal tea.

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