How to shrink stomach

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How many times have you tried to shrink the stomach? Did it work? Here I present the way down the belly of an effective and efficient for you.

Stomach is not the largest organ that has the ability to stretch and shrink according to the number of meals eaten at. If the consume food in large portions continuously, your stomach will tighten and require a lot of food to feel full.

Shrink stomach by eating less

How to shrink the stomach by eating, among others:

  1. Eat breakfast as much as 200 calories. For example, by eating a piece of toast and a little butter, one scrambled egg and half a glass of milk.

2. Eat a healthy snack. For example, fruit.

3. Lunch as much as 400 calories.

4. 2 or 3 hours of lunch you will feel hungry again so you can pick the fruit as your snack.

5. Dinner is also pretty with 400 calories.

If you do the above tips in the morning, the afternoon will not feel hungry. You can have a diet plan for you to manage your diet regularly. This is done because in order to run regularly and systematically.

In addition to adjusting the diet, you can exercise to help you speed up your stomach shrink. Choose sports that are cardio. Because the sport can automatically burn calories and fat in the body also decreases. You should also know that abdominal fat is a favorite place.

Shrink the stomach not doing bad habits

How to shrink the stomach by not doing bad habits, among others:

1. Avoid skipping meals. You should still eat three meals a day, but remained low in calories.

2. Do many drinks containing alcohol.

3. Do not eat a diet with foods containing protein.

4. Do not eat 3 hours before bedtime tonight. This will make a quick fat lodged in your stomach.

5. Enough sleep. You should sleep 6-7 hours to rest after the activities.

Good luck to shrink the stomach this. Hopefully you managed to do it.

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