Diet with green tea

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You must already know the name of green tea. Consumed green tea is very good for heart health and prevent cancer. Did you know, it turns out the diet with green tea is also an effective way to do. By drinking green tea you can burn fat on your body and lose weight quickly.

Content of tea for diet

Diet with green tea. The difference with the other green tea contains more polyphenols, known as catechins. Polyphenols serves as anti oxidant, anti-cancer and anti-virus for the body to protect. Buildup of fat and cholesterol can accelerate weight loss by burning calories and reducing fat in the body.

Benefits of green tea for weight loss

Drinking green tea can accelerate your metabolism. So with that, not stored fat because it has been issued through the metabolism. Choose foods that can accelerate the metabolism so that food is not stored as fat blobs who can make you fat.

In addition to drinking green tea you can support it by eating vegetables and fruits are good for your diet program. Foods that contain fiber are very difficult to digest so it takes a long time to become fat. And fibrous foods more filling.

Eat green tea for health and also helps you lose weight. To wear products that diet did not know how dangerous effects. Choose a diet with green tea, natural diet that did not have the side effects.

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