Weight loss, without diet !

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How many times whether your diet? Are there any results? Now, there are ways to lose weight without dieting. How?

Our weight is determined by the amount of energy intake and the amount of energy that comes out. If your weight remains mean intake eaten with a balanced issued. However, your weight there is no provision, then the calories that you eat more than the burning process.

The number of calories burned is influenced, among others:

1. Calories burned per hour to maintain body functions
2. Physical activity is waged every day.

How to lose weight without dieting

The best way to lose weight without dieting is by reducing calorie intake to burn through daily activities. To lose weight one pound you must spend 3,500 calories.

How fast is the level of weight loss is healthy and safe is it?

According to experts, a healthy weight loss is about 1.5 pounds per week. This can be achieved with diet and exercise regularly. Create a healthy lifestyle that is quickly reached.

Do not do a strict diet, because it will bring side effects that can make yourself sick. For example:

1. Hunger
2. Bad mood
3. Headache

If you do this, so if when you successfully perform your diet then your body back to normal fat. Weight loss is called yo-yo weight loss.

Tips of lose weight without diet

Here are tips to lose weight without dieting.

1. The desire to lose weight it must come from ourselves. If you do not really want to make changes to your lifestyle or do it just to please someone else, then you will likely fail.

2. Do not blame yourself if you are not perfect. If you've failed to change the habits of overeating, that does not mean that you have failed completely and give up.

3. Avoid trying to create an environment that you choose foods that are unhealthy. Try to plan other activities or divert these times, or the first plan how to handle it.

4. Surround yourself with people who will support your efforts. Spend time with people who do not press you to choose foods that are unhealthy.

5. Embroidery to provide rewards that are not a form of food when you reach the target.

6. Fill your kitchen and fridge with healthy foods. Get rid of high calorie foods and snacks that are not nutritious. Replace with meals and snacks are nutritious and varied.

7. Decide how much weight you will go down in 1 week or 1 month ahead, rather than focus on the total amount of weight you want to subtract.

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