Men more success in the diet

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If you do the diet together with your spouse, your partner more often faster success in her diet. Why? Because the men physically and psychologically easier to lose weight quickly. The following explanation of the reasons men more success diet.

Men more success in the diet : Compared to men, women have a huge obsession of eating

The reason men more success in the diet, because a lot of women do not notice him when he was in a state of trim. They consume lots of fat. At the age of 20 may gain weight can be decreased easily. But be careful if you've turned 30 years old or 30 years into it. Because age is very difficult to maintain weight. Nearly 25% of women think more of food every 30 minutes. 15% of women think about diet as worried about her weight. And 60% of women admitted most do not like to eat at his partner. Suggested meal is okay, but nutritious and healthy so the body becomes balanced. Do not just eat food that focus only on the fat alone.

• Women are more emotional to use when eating

Than men in terms of women are more emotional eating. That is what causes women more and faster fat than men. Suggested eat regularly and healthy lifestyle patterns. If you want a diet you are successful, then do routinely.

Men more success in the diet : Men have the more rapid thing than women

Between women and men have different metabolism rate. Although even with the weight and height are the same men the same results faster metabolism. Metabolism men greater than 5% -10% of women.

• Muscles in men burn many calories

Although men have a thin body posture, but men have a lot of muscle mass than women. Muscles in men burn more calories than fat. If you are burning calories by 500 calories, then your partner can burn 525-550 calories.

• Levels of Testosterone

Testosterone levels are also the reason men more success in the diet. It could be argued why men have more muscle mass? That is because testosterone levels in men are high. While the women have a lot of fat is caused by the hormone estrogen owned.