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Fat is a substance that is used as the primary energy in the body's metabolic processes. Substance obtained from food or the production of liver and stored in fat cells that are used for energy reserves.

Some examples of the usefulness of the fat is able to shield the body against disease, energy sources, forming cells in the body, the source of essential fatty acids, which are used to save protein, vitamins conveyance fat solvent, giving a sense of satiety and palatability, maintaining body temperature, and as a lubricant .

Eating lots of foods that contain lots of fat is often avoided by most people, because fat can make the body fat and diseased. And if we eat fat regularly can be good for our bodies, so the fat can be consumed by either.

Fat has many types such as fat originating in animals and plants or vegetable called. Most people do not like to eat foods that contain fat due to health factors. Though not all fats are bad.

In order to avoid the most consuming fat then required to recognize a good type of fat that is specifically derived from animal fats. If we eat mostly fatty foods will cause increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight problems.

Type of Type of Fat

Type of fat that is very detrimental to the body include:

1. Saturated fat. Saturated fat can raise levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and make the stroke and type 2 diabetes. These fats will not exist in animals.

2. Trans Fat. These fats can also raise levels of blood fat, fat often found in processed foods is like nuggets, sausage, and corned beef.

Most saturated fat and transfer will form a solid at room temperature if a high number. These fats are usually found in shortening, beef and pork, and margarine.

Type of fat is good for the body, including:

1. Monounsaturated fat. For example in olive oil and canola oil.

2. Polyunsaturated fats. For example in salmon and olive oil.

That's the subject of fat for you, hopefully he can come?

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