Healthy diet during menstruation

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Healthy diet during menstruation - Talking about the special things she certainly cannot forget about menstruation. Monthly guest is often accompanied with various disorders, such as bloating up to pain. Complaints are often snacking appeared. How does diet affect it? And, how can the diet may remain effective during menstruation?

Changes during the Cycle

Healthy diet during menstruation should be done. Menstruation is a physiological change in the body of a woman who happens regularly and is influenced by reproductive hormones. At the time of menstruation, the uterine wall decay as reduce influence reproductive hormone levels in the body. In general, a woman's menstrual cycle is about 28 days and can vary between 21-35 days.

One problem that often occurs is the increased appetite during the menstrual period approaches. How is the effect on weight? The study did show that the number of calories consumed increases, up to 100-200 calories, as it approached the menstruasi1, 2 days. However, this is offset by a slight increase in the rate of metabolism. That way, no change of body weight significantly. But, that does not mean we can eat as much as possible. If the food is consumed in excessive amounts, the weight will obviously increase.

When approaching the menstrual period, the diet may be more difficult because of increased appetite and desire for snacking. Tip: To fix this, choose healthy snacks such as fruit. Fruit is also a source of fiber that can help overcome the bowel disorder that often appears in the premenstrual period.

In addition, the craving of sweet foods are also often experienced by women just before menstruation. Which often becomes the target of course chocolate? Yes, half of women who believe that chocolate craving their problems related to the menstrual cycle. Really this? When approaching the menstrual period, indeed there is a change in hormone levels that trigger the production of compounds that regulate beta-endorphin manis3 liking for flavor. However, excessive craving when approaching menstruation actually caused due to extreme dieting habits by avoiding certain foods.

Tip: In addition to unhealthy, extreme dieting can also trigger a craving. Follow a healthy diet and gradually to more optimal results. Remember, complete and balanced nutrition necessary for bodily functions can be run well. To avoid the craving before menstruation, divert the mind with positive activities like sports or hanging out with friends.

Exercise, why not?

During menstruation, the body often feels stiff and weak. Some women even suffer from abdominal pain and cramps during menstruation. Exercise is definitely not a favorite activity in conditions like this. But, it helps if you exercise regularly, including during menstruation. The reason? Stress and negative emotions can worsen the disturbances that arise during menstruation and exercise is known to help cope with stress and reduce the negative mood that had a role in the deal at the time of menstrual disorders (including pain).

Tip: Routine exercise at least 150 minutes per week is important to maintain good health and ideal weight. In addition, exercise also helps reduce the negative emotions that are beneficial for reducing menstrual disorders. We recommend that you choose light exercise, like walking or yoga, and do not force himself at practice during menstruation.

Although sometimes accompanied by disorders, menstruation is not an obstacle when dieting. By adjusting the balanced nutritional intake combined with regular exercise, menstrual disorders can be overcome and can remain optimal diet. So that's healthy diet during menstruation.

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