Effective healthy diet with friends

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Effective healthy diet with friends - For many people, most of a day spent in the office. Starting from morning to evening, about 8 hours we were in the office. Friends in the office had become people closest to us. For those of you who are following the diet program, diet try to run the program with work friends because of diet programs that run together in the office turned out to be more effective.

Not alone, more effective

Effective healthy diet research shows that those who run diet programs to lose weight together in the office to obtain more effective results. Losing weight with a diet with a friend running the program office was better, when compared with alone. In addition, the decrease in fat weight was also higher.

Research on women who work in the health sector shows that those who follow the diet with weight loss of 3.5 kg in 8 weeks, compared with 1.9 kg decrease in those who follow the diet program alone.

Not alone, Mutual support

Other studies have already shown that weight loss programs are conducted in a group tend to be more effective. This relates to the tendency for mutual support among those who are dieting together. And since most of the time was spent in the office, mutual support among people from work is clearly important.

In addition to support each other, together diet is also more effective because the group members will monitor each other and remind each other. A balanced diet and controlled can be run with more discipline. Likewise with sports, group members will invite each other to exercise. Regular exercise clearly helps to decrease body weight and fat weight more effectively.

It was not just a job are more effective when done together in the office. Running a diet program with work friends also give better results. Try asking your friends and form groups to work together to lose weight.

So, let's invite our friends to do the diet together so that there is another motivation to one another. I think it is an effective healthy diet with your friends.

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