Fast food diet restrictions

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Fast food diet restrictions. It is also prohibited by the World Health Organization WHO. World Health Organization that prohibit the sale of fast food which makes a lot of people become obese. So this is done to prevent obesity-threatening obesity with various diseases that can cause death.

Fast food is also encouraged by the WHO approach to the state plan as early as possible so that children do not choose foods that have a high saturated fat, and sugar and salt. This recommendation is not binding, but submitted to a high level meeting on the prevention and control of infectious diseases that are not on the next generation.

There is one member of health organizations said that the rules will be designed so that the children gathered on the free marketing of high-saturated fat, Trans fatty acids, essential sweeteners and salt.

Based on data from the WHO there are about 43 million of the world's pre-school age children who are overweight obesity alias. The children are interested in marketing or advertising of less nutritious foods that attracted him to consume. And all it really has the potential to make them susceptible to disease later on.

Moreover there are six of the 10 deaths each year mainly due to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic lung disease. WHO also emphasized that all of the major factors that caused by unhealthy eating patterns.

Teach the child so that we start from ourselves by not familiarize themselves with eating fast food.

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