Childhood obesity statistics

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Childhood obesity statistics has now been increased. Before I go further I will tell you what is meant by obesity. Obesity is excess body weight caused a lot of fat accumulation in the body. Indeed even the kids also need the fat as energy reserves. This is because these children often do activities such as running and playing. However, despite such, do not let your child eat to excess so that your child is not obese.

Childhood obesity statistics

Childhood obesity statistics are also category:

- Lightweight Category: This category is a child who is still in the obese are still a mild stage. This lightweight category ranged from 20% to 40%.

- Categories are: This category is a category that if a child is still in the stage of being obese criteria. This category currently ranges from 41% to 100%.

- Category weight: This category is said to be heavy because obesity is having on stage is really heavy. This category has the range> 100%.

Prevent obesity

In my opinion, you as parents also must an example to their children and prevent obesity children affected by the name of this obesity. So you also deal with increasing childhood obesity statistics. You can change together in a family with an unhealthy pattern with a healthy lifestyle. This will make your child accustomed to experiencing a healthy lifestyle through adulthood.

You do not too much to save a lot of snacks in your refrigerator if you do not want your children are obese. You may prepare fruits and vegetables to be eaten as a snack. In addition, you can cook food for your child with a complete intake in it. So that your child is also an advanced healthy.

Then you can exercise with your child. This is to prevent your child affected by obesity. That article that I created. May be useful for those of you who read about the childhood obesity statistics.

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