Blood type A diet

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Does your blood type? What is A? Did you know there are also diet diet according to blood type. For those who have blood type A, you can find a way of blood type A diet.

All about blood type A

At first those who have blood type A is a vegetarian who like to eat food which is nutritious and rich in carbohydrates. So it can be said for those who have blood group A more appropriate eating more vegetables than meat that much.

There are characteristic of blood group A is very sensitive digestion, avoid foods derived from dairy products and meat, and consume more high-carbohydrate foods.

In blood type diet, those with blood type A if it is to go on a diet, it is much better to eat foods derived from vegetables, grains, anyway, other than meat and milk. For blood group A, the vegetables are very important, but there are also vegetables that are not good for those with blood type A.

Eat right blood type A

Blood type A diet will tell what vegetables which unsuitable to eat, namely:

a. potato
b. sweet potato
c. cabbage
d. tomatoes
e. paprika

While the food is fit to be eaten by the blood group A:

a. garlic
b. onion
c. broccoli
d. Carrots.

There was also that can boost immunity in the blood, which is eating pumpkin and spinach with pumpkin and spinach, while the green artichoke, dandelion, Swiss chard, sprouts, tempeh and tofu provide essential nutrients. Other sources of protein are black beans, pinto beans and peanuts. Cherry and pineapple as well as benefiting the blood type diet A.

That about blood type A diet. Hopefully this article useful for you to read it.

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