Blood type diet A

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Blood type A is found in 15 000 BC. In those days, people who have blood type A have formed communities and have a place of permanent residence. They began farming and eating vegetables and only eat meat in small amounts. For that, for those with blood type diet A is better decided to become vegetarian.

Characteristics of blood types A

Distinctive features of the blood group A :

1. Have a sensitive digestive system
2. Should avoid foods that contain milk and meat
3. It is recommended to be vegetarian and eat better with low-fat high-carbohydrate
4. Do more frequent stress
5. many of the rest

Blood type diet A foods

Blood type diet A foods are vegetables, tofu, seafood, nuts, fruits, grains, and grains. As for other foods that can help is the kind of soy vegetable oil, vegetables, pineapple, to supplement vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, echinacea, thistles, hawtorn, milk thistle, quercetin.

Blood type diet  A is recommended :

1. Breakfast: water mix lemon juice + oatmeal
2. Eating interlude before lunch: grape juice or coffee
3. Lunch: salad + slice of wheat bread + herbal tea
4. Afternoon snack: rice cake + 2 pieces of green tea
5. Dinner: pasta with no meat + broccoli + herbal tea yogurt

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