Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

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Healthy diet to lose weight is by eating foods that contain healthy 4 5 perfect and regular exercise. A good diet is also not losing eating normally, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you want a healthy diet in losing weight you avoid fried foods. Try in the morning to eat foods that contain fiber plus orange juice. But, if you like milk, choose non milk full cream. Choose low-fat milk.

Mealtime to lose weight

For lunch, you can try 1 / 4 or 1 / 2 servings of rice and vegetables that contain carbohydrates. Before and after that try to drink water or fresh fruit. This, because it will inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the blood as well as filling your stomach so you will feel full and not overeat.

One great if you argue that for a healthy diet to lose weight only to lose weight, because a healthy diet aims to get the body healthy and fit. If you really want to intend to lose weight, then you must be willing to eat the less tasty. Compared with a delicious meal, but have negative things behind. So, limit your carbohydrate now!

For dinner, well done 5 pm and 7 pm. Eat foods that contain protein (eggs, fish, etc.) and fruits (apples, oranges, etc.) because it can control your weight. Foods that contain lots of protein will keep you feel satiated in a long time. Compared to more stored carbohydrates into energy rather than be fat. Replace your carbohydrate with whole wheat bread because it has low levels of carbohydrates, have a sense of satiety in a long time, and has a high fiber content. If you still feel less nutrients, try to drink multivitamins.

Exercise for weight loss

Healthy diet to lose weight will appear balanced when balanced with exercise. This is done, because U Tun burn calories and increase metabolism. Exercise not take long. Do light exercise course with up and down stairs for 3 x 10 minutes was able to keep you healthy. Not only sports, but we also need to rest adequately. For example, by sleeping eight hours a day. Avoid sleeping while you are still in a state of satiety, because it is dangerous to your health.

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