How to shrink your stomach

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How to shrink your stomach? Distended belly that looks very unsightly. This is because excessive fat deposits in the abdomen that can cause impaired liver function and inhibit the function of the liver in neutralizing toxins.

Things like this can disrupt the body's circulatory system and trigger abnormal high cholesterol and high blood pressure. One cause of belly bulge is due to healthy diet and lifestyle of the person. Here are tips on how to shrink your stomach for women and men.

How to shrink stomach : Drinking water

You can cope with the hoards of fat deposits in the stomach by drinking lots of water 7-8 glasses per day. this will dilute the concentration of sodium and thereby increasing the levels of water coming out of the system. Things that benefit from drinking water can make the bile effective in taking out the trash.

How to shrink stomach : Eat slowly

Food slowly is also a way your stomach shrink. Avoid eating quickly, because the air retained in the intestine and form a gas that makes your tummy bulge due to inflation. Eating is also to chew food properly, because if not perfect will cause bubbles quickly so that the stomach may appear more distended.

How to shrink stomach : Reduce salt

If you consume lots of salt in your diet, then the extra sodium in body fluids slow mechanism that encourages water to exit the cell. As a result the stomach feel full and bloated.

How to shrink stomach : Consumption of fiber

Fiber is very important for the body and also serves to the body. Fiber can accelerate metabolism in the body and can be useful for your diet because fiber makes you feel full sooner. Fiber foods is very good to diet.

How to shrink stomach : Sport

Exercise is very important for you if you want to shrink your stomach. Pick the right sport to be able to shrink your stomach. Exercise helps move the fluid in the abdomen and push it out of the network and enter the bloodstream are removed as sweat and urine.

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