Tips to control appetite

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Many dietary advice that we can find. The results are not necessarily effective for us. We are hard to control the food we eat. Here are tips on controlling your appetite.

Control appetite : Give hunger

Give the scale when you consume foods. To scale a very hungry and you feel you are very full scale of 5. If you are on a scale of 4-5 means you are not hungry but the stress and boredom. How to cope with activities unrelated to eating, such as chatting with friends or hang out and so on.

Control appetite : Choosing food that will be eaten

Tips to control appetite both are planning meals. External stimulus is often bother us until we do not realize how much we eat. This means eating enough needed attention, planning, and the ability to exercise restraint.

Control appetite : Foods that have content

Tips to control the appetite the last is with you select a proper diet for a diet. No need to multiply the calories that we feel full. But eat that contain lots of water, such as fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamins is good for those who want to lose weight naturally. In addition the protein can also help fill you up faster.

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